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Zhambyl Oblast

Region: Included:
South Kazakhstan
Esen: 3 cities, 10 districts, 367 villages
Administrative center:
Large cities: Karatau, Zhanatas, Shu
Date of establishment: 1939 year
Akim: Karim Kokrekbaev Official language: Қазақ тілі
Accommodation (2015):
1 098 693 (6.31%, 6th place)
Density: 7.32 people / km² (6th place)
Area of ​​land: 144.2 thousand km² (5.3%, 9th place)
Time Zone: UTC UTC code: +7 7262 xx-xx-xx
Postal Indexes:
Car Code: 08 - Official site
Zhambyl region In the warehouse of Zhambyl region - with Almaty, South Kazakhstan, Karaganda oblasts and Talas and Chu oblasts of Kyrgyzstan. The name of the region is in honor of the Kazakh and Soviet poet Zhambyl Zhabayuly. The territory of Zhambyl region stretches from Betpakdala to the Tien Shan and to Shuan Karatau. The area is 144.2 thousand km²
the regional center and the largest city - Taraz. There are 379 villages in total of 10 districts, 4 cities, 153 settlement and rural districts. [2] Table Contents
1 Geography 2 Nature
3 History
4 Architectural monuments
5 Demographics
6 Administrative division of Zhambyl region
6.1 Districts of the region
7 Economy
8 Famous people from Zhambyl region
External links 10 Geographical location Geography of the region basically flat. Climate is considerably dry and continental.
Chu Valley (Train View)
The region's largest territory is bordered by Betpakdala and Moiynkum, and is bordered by the southwestern, southern and southeastern mountains (Karatau, Kyrgyz and Chu Alatau Mountains). This distinctive feature of the relief embodies diversity in the climate of the region.
Natural flora and fauna of the natural landscapes are wide and varied. There are over 3,000 species of plants in the region. The total area of ​​the hunting area is 13.9 thousand hectares, where more than 40 species of animals live.
The fishery fund of 27.8 thousand hectares consists of 74 water reservoirs, of which 73 are suitable for fishery. The largest dams are Tasotkel and Teris-Achibulak. Fishing in the fishing industry is widely spread in the area of ​​fishing, fishing, carp, trout, blue sasso, rags, chickens, grass fishing

There are 3 state natural (complex) fences in the region: "Berikkara gorge "- occupies an area of ​​17.5 thousand hectares, where more than 50 species of valuable trees and herbs are included in the Red Book, and the animals - the bark, the Indian steppes, the paradise sprouts;
The total area of ​​3.07 thousand hectares ("Botanical") of the state natural (complex) juncture, "Zaily A" located on the western slopes of the lacustrine. The fruit trees of apple, cherries, cherries, grapes are replaced by maple forests, grass brown, mulberry tree, camel walnut;
Andazai state (complex) . Grass grass, bachelors, black saxsaul, and shrubs are dominant on the vegetation. The fauna is dominated by the Arkharians, Kulans, Pisces, Shrubs, Boarers, Rabbits, Shrubs, Currents. [3]
The administrative center of the region is Taraz, located in the south of Kazakhstan. The city of Taraz was one of the ancient cities of the republic. Chinese writings in the middle of the 1st century. As a result of the conquest of Russia in 1863-64, the territory of the Great Silk, under the control of the Kokand Khanate, was part of the Empire. In these regions Syrdarya and Zhetysu counties were formed and they were subordinated to Turkestan General-Governorate. The Aulie-Ata district, which was considered by the Government as of June 11, 1867, as regards new land management regulations, was considered by the Syr Darya region. Its territory is located in the west of the Tyulkubass station, eastward to the western coast of the Chu River, to the south of the Syamyryr algebra (now Talas oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic), to the north of Chu. The center was Aulieta City. After the 1917 Revolution, the district was part of the Autonomous Turkestan Soviet Socialist Republic, founded on 30 April 1918. In 1924, due to the national-territorial division in Central Asia, the district was part of the Syr-Darya region, and later the Almaty district. In 1927 according to the administrative-territorial zoning, 6 districts were created on the basis of district: Zhambyl, Lugovoi, Merke, Sarysu, Talas, Sverdlov. They are part of South Kazakhstan region. On October 14, 1939, the Zhambyl region was created to address the problems of rapid development of the productive forces of the region and its socio-cultural recovery. Apart from these six districts, the Almaty region has Kordai, Krasnogorsk, Chu, and from Zhualy district of South Kazakhstan in 1951.
Architectural monuments
Aisha Bibi Mausoleum There are several architectural monuments in Zhambyl region. It is located on the Almaty-Samara highway or near the city of Taraz, the mausoleum of Aisha Bibi. Located in the center of Aisha-Bibi village, 12 km from Taraz. Mausoleum of Aisha-Bibi - XI-XII centuries one of the medieval architectural monuments. From the architectural monuments of Karakhanids, this monument is a miracle in the architectural and building culture of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. It is made of an epigraphic strip with 60 ornaments. The monument is noteworthy for tourists not only because of its unique architecture, but also about the infinite love between the beautiful Aisha-bibi and heroes Karakhan.
Aisha Aisha is the daughter of the well-known orientalist Zengiz's grandfather. According to legend, Aisha died on the way to his brother Karakhan from the snake bush.
Babadzha Khatun Mausoleum. It is located near the Aisha Bibi Mausoleum. This mausoleum is also known as XI-XII centuries. architectural monument. The mausoleum is appreciated by its simplicity. The last update was in 2002. According to an epigraphic note, she read the name of a woman buried there.
According to legend, she was the guardian of Aisha. She was with her on a journey. Aisha was holding a burning torch over her grave after her death.
These mausoleums are sacred sites of architecture and pilgrimage

Karakhan, Dauytbek and Tekturmas are located in the center of Taraz. In the vicinity of these mausoleums there is an eastern bath of Hal Yunus.
XI c. Karakhan (Aulie-Ata) is a cultural and memorial complex in the city of Taraz, which appeared in the Middle Ages. The first building was built in the XIX century in the times of the Karakhanids. will begin. In construction, the principles of initial planning and architecture are preserved. Typical image of the medieval cultural architecture is the monumental portal-dome castle. The history of the buried man dates back to the X-XII centuries. It is related to the Khanate of the Karakhanids. In this connection it is equal to the second name "Aulie-Ata". The complex will be visited by many believers.
Mausoleum Dautibek (Shamanosur) enters the memorial complex with Karakhan Mausoleum. In the traditional portal-dome form XIII century. It is built over the grave of a great political leader. In the center of the mausoleum there is a stone inscription with an inscription with an Arabic inscription. The inscription mentions the name and death of the deceased person. The territory of both mausoleums is well-equipped.
XIX century Oriental bath Kaly-Yunus in the XIX century. A sauna, built by the inhabitant of Auezov district. The architectural composition principles and the eastern baths of the medieval baths have been used. It attracts many tourists. XX century Before the fifties, the bathhouse was in operation. At present, it is restored and turned into an architectural monument. Bath has become a tourist destination.
VIII-IX centuries. Akyrtas Palace complex is one of the most interesting and mysterious places in Zhambyl region and Kazakhstan. The history of Akyrtas has been studied and studied for 130 years. Archaeological excavations are being conducted at the complex on the territory of the Institute of Archeology Ethnography of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is planned to create a museum complex within the framework of the largest national cultural program "Cultural Heritage." According to the latest data from the archeological researches Akyrtas equates to the city of medieval city of the Great Silk Road with Kasribas. Most scholars think that Akyrtas dates back to 1714-1715. It was built by the order of the Arab commander Bakr. The depth of the foundation of the complex is 4 m
Tekturmas architectural complex X-XIV centuries This is one of the oldest religious places. VII-XIX centuries Before the arrival of Islam, a complex was created. Mausoleum was built during the Islamic era, in 1935. deleted. At present, a new mausoleum of medieval type is restored. Near the mausoleum is a Kazakh mausoleum Mambet's grave. The complex is equipped with all the equipment. Below you can see the beautiful Taraz city below the mountain. The Talas River, which is near the ancient city, is impressing its influence. There is a stone bridge crossing the X-XIII centuries through the city of Taraz.
As of January 1, 2011 the population is 1043.6 million people. The population consists of more than 90 nationalities, of which 71.4% are Kazakhs
Ethnic composition of the region: [4] [5]
Population: 1989:%
1999 year
Number of population in 2010% of total
1043843 - 100,00%
Forks: 507302 Downloads: 48,84% Feedback: 640346
64,76% Interest: 722627
69,23% Russian
275424 to 26,52%
179258 to 18,13% to 141829 to 13,59% to Dungans
23555 to 2,27%
30333 - 3,07%
4,0404% 4,06%
The Turks
17145 to 1,65%
24,823% 2,51%
21512 to 2,07%
22501 to 2,28%
24986 to 2,39% of the Kurds
10855 to 1,10%
13220 by 1,27%
Korean and 13360
1,29% of the time 14000% 1,42%
12452% 1,19%
1,115% of 1,0593% 1,11%
1,0593% 1,17%
of 12185 to 1,17% Toasts > 12576 to 1,27%
10651 to 1,02% of the Kyrgyz Republic
5279 to 0,51% to 4966 to 0,50% to 7752
the Germans
70150 of 6,75%
11394 1,15% of which are from 6695 to 0,64% of the Ukrainian
33903 to 3.26%
10013 to 1,01%
3888 - 0.37%
2805 to 0.27%
881,08% of 0,08%
of 2438
0,25% of 2548
0,24% Greeks
0,89% of 2024
0,20% of 1637
0,16% The Belarusians The 3986
0,38% of 1481
0,15% of 870
17025 of 1,64% with 8670 brands. > 0,83%
Administrative division of Zhambyl region. The region is divided into 10 districts, Taraz city of regional importance and Karatau, Zhanatas, Chu, as well as three cities and 367 settlements

areas of the region
Taraz city
Baizak district - Sarykemer village
Zhambyl region - Asa village
Zhualy area - Momyshuly village
Kordai district - Korday village
Merke district - Merke village - Moiynkum district - Moiynkum village
Ryskulov district - Kulan village
Sarysu district - Zhanatas city
Talas district - Karatau city
Shu district - Tole dance village
Gross domestic product of the region: 23,8% - industry and 20,2% - agriculture, 16,6% - transport and communication
6,5 % - construction products - 9.2% - trade br> 23.7% - other areas
Famous persons from Zhambyl region
Honorable citizens of Zhambyl region
Tole bi (1663 - 1756) - the main dance of the Kazakh people.
Baluan Sholak (1864 - 1919) - Kazakh folk composer, unlucky wrestler.
Asanali Ashimuly (08.05.1937) - Actor and Actor of the USSR, People's Artist of the USSR (1980).
Bauyrzhan Momyshuly (24.12.1910 - 10.06.1982) - Kazakh Hero , Warrior of World War II, military commander, strategic and tactic, hero of the Soviet Union, writer .Zhambyl Zhabayuly (28.02.1846 - 22.06.1945) - famous Kazakh folk poetry Khan Azerbayev (08.05.1884 - 12.04.1976) is a well-known Kazakh folk poet, composer, poet, poet, poet and poet. Honored Art Worker of Kazakhstan
Kairat Ryskulbekov (13.03.1966 - 21.05.1988) - participant of December events, People's Hero.
Sherkhan Murtaza (28.09.1932) - People's writer of Kazakhstan, public figure
Asanbai Askarov (15.09.1922 - 10.08.2001) - state figure, Hero of Socialist Labor (1982), war veteran, poet.
Sarybai Kalmurzayev (10.06.1949 - 27.07.2012) - State figure
Shona Smakhanovich (05.10 1924 - 1988) is a poet, composer.

The Best Actor, People's Artist of Kazakhstan (1993).
Meirambek Besbayev (08.11.1976) - singer, member of "MuzART" group.
Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov (06.05.1951) is the first Olympic champion from the Kazakh people (Moscow, 1980), classical Master of Sports in Wrestling
Bakhtiyar Artayev (14.03.1983) is Olympic boxing champion (Athens, 2004).
Ermakhan Ibraimov (01.01.1972) is Olympic boxing champion (Sydney, 2000). Serik Konakbayev ( Silver medalist of the Olympic Games in boxing (Moscow, 1980). Islam Bairamukov (12.06.1971) - silver medalist of the Olympic Games in free-style wrestling (Sydney, 2000).
Bolat Zhumadilov (22.04.1973) Two-time Olympic silver medalist (Atlanta, 1996, Sydney, 2000).
Bolat Niyazymbetov (19.09.1972) - Boxing Olympiad bronze medalist (Atlanta, 1996). Akzhurek Tanatarov (03.09.1986) - freestyle wrestling The bronze medalist of the Olympiad (London, 2012). Seilda Bayshakov (28.08.1950) - defender of USSR national team and "Kairat", "Energetik" (Taraz).
Oleg Maskaev (02.03.1969) - WBC Professional Boxing World Series Champion (2006-2008).
Alexey Ni (24.07.1961) - Head Coach of the Kazakhstan Weightlifting Team
Marat Mazimbayev (03.01.1974) - Kazakh People (IBA, 2005-2007).
Oleg Litvinenko (22.11.1973 - 18.11.2007) - The forward of the national team of Kazakhstan, the best player of the championship of Kazakhstan (148 goals). External links
Zhambyl Oblast Open Directory Project (ODP)
Official site of Akim of Zhambyl Oblast
↑ Population by regions, cities and districts of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of January 1, 2015 ↑ Directory of toponymic names of Zhambyl region
↑ Information about the region from the official website of Zhambyl region ↑ RK Statistics Agency seam Archive: The national composition of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the region (1 volume)
↑ January 1, 2010 The increase in oblast, district, city and rural population
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Zhambyl region
Center :: Taraz and Cities • Zhanatas • Karatau • Shu
Districts :: Baizak • Zhambyl • Zhualy • Kordai • Merke • Moiynkum • Ryskulov • Sarysu • Talas • Shu

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