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Saddle (male) - one of the tools used to ride a horse; Exquisite equipment and artwork, created from ancient times to meet the needs of nomadic people. The man is cut off from a very good, strong tree. The male is used to make birch, maple trees. [1]
1 Types
2 Characteristics of the "man of the Kazakhs" 3 Koran "man" 4 "Ashamai" man
5 Sources
Kazakh men, Kyrgyz man, Russian man, male and female ducks, male sheep, male lamb, tail male, unmanly boy, bloody man, etc. species. Among these, Kazakhs are very popular in the world
The character of "Kazakh men"
She is a pair of men: men for men, her bones are thin and compact, lightweight. She does not decorate such a man, but he does more than just make a lot of her hair, she is a woman for men, her bones are heavy, gold, silver, jewels, bones, horns, leather, fur coat and velvet. part of the front: the front eyebrows are high, the back side is decorated with ornaments.

The belt tree in the middle of the two brows.
After the five parts of the man are made, the front eyebrows are two put the lining of the glue in the back, then combine the back fence and put the wooden arm between the two eyebrows and secure it with a wooden frame. The two hinges are close to the front of the man, the hole in the middle hole, the hinges on the front of the front of the head, and the holes in the back of the two rear ends, and the holes in the back are made, and these holes are fitted with the necessary silverware rollers. After masking the male parts, he wrapped around his leather sash and peeled off the edges with silver nails. Silver men's front, back eyebrows are completely covered with silver, with nails and sometimes precious stones. The shoe, the scarf, the embroidery, and all the embellishments are fashioned in silver.
Koran men
The body is very complex, durable and comfortable - it is a natural man. Such a man is made of 18, sometimes more wooden particles. The glue is glazed with a camel's mask, and the man's seat is full of thick leather trim and decorated with silver ornaments and precious stones. "Ashamai" men
The Kazakh masters created "Ashamai" for a boy or a girl. The boy taught the boy to ride three or four years. The "Ashamai" man was not complicated, with the front eyebrows on the back of the man were made of two dismounted, tall, and holes on both ends. When a baby is put on a man, he holds the hole in his stick, holds the horse firmly on, and puts it on a strap.

↑ Kazakh culture. Encyclopedic Reference. Almaty: "Aruna Ltd.", 2005 ISBN 9965-26-095-8


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