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Ekibastuz is a city on the south-west of Pavlodar region. Founded in 1898, was awarded the city degree in 1957. Contents
1 Reason for the name of Ekibastuz
2 Mass media
3 Sources
The reason given to Ekibastuz Before the opening of the coal mine in the region, its salt lake, which is located on the east side, is known from the archive documents "Ekibastuz" from ancient times. In this regard, the coal ore found there, as well as the town and town where it is situated, are also called "Ekibastuz." Ekibastuz is famous all over the world with its unprecedented enterprises, despite its youth. The city emerged on the ground of Kazakhstan's "black gold" in a short period of time, is a legendary city for our contemporaries. For the first time ever in Ekibastuz, many advanced technologies have been introduced in Kazakhstan, new equipment has been explored.
Ekibastuz is the pride of miners and power engineers. The city is huge, with the world's richest stone. Due to the launch of GRES # 1 and 2, the largest center of the Ekibastuz heat and energy complex is located. Today coal is extracted at three similar fields - Bogatyr, North and East. Ekibastuz coal constantly carries out the work of power stations of Kazakhstan, Uralsk and West Siberia. The city was formed not only because of its geographical position, but also its historical features. Ekibastuz coal and electricity are growing thanks to the enterprises of the whole region: Pavlodar chemistry, oil, aluminum, tractor, Aksu Ferroalloy Plant - thanks to the "black gold" in Ekibastuz. Besides, Ekibastuz coal is a continuation of Kazakhstan and Russia. "Vostochny" mine is designed for the first time in world practice with a limited capacity in the conditions of coal layers and has introduced a new technology of coal production.

Kazakh language newspaper "Otarga" weekly "Voice of Ekibastuz" weekly information week "Vesti Ekibastuz"
"Ekibastuziskoye obozrennie" newspaper
"Delovoy Ekibastuz" magazine
advertising weekly «Vitrin»
2 TV channels: works « Ekibastuz Municipal TV Channel (MLP) - Channel 5 Channel
«Ğ￾рта ТВ» - 32 канал DM There are 6 radio stations in Pavlodar:
102.1 MHz radio "Pavlodar" 102.6 MHz "Russian radio - Asia" radio "Love" radio 103.6 MHz radio "NS" 104, 2 MHz

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