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United States
Mountain system
Alaska plateau
Height 6193 m Denali Mountain
Denali - Highest Peak (6193m) in North America.
1 Geographic Location
2 Geology, Terrain
3 The First Captors of the Mountain
4 Geographical Location
Alaska Mountain Plateau
Geology, Terrain
High Mountain Camp in McKinley (2001). It consists of granite. The snow is full of snow and ice. Here is a park of Denali. From 1896 to 2015, he was officially named by McClellan, the president of the United States, William McCullley. On August 30, 2015, the White House decided to rename its historic name. In Atabask, the meaning of the body is elevated, ascarious.
The First Conquerors of the Mountain
Hudson Stack (1913)
The polar explorer Frederick Cook conquered Denali in September 1906. He left the report on his departure. His name has been discredited by Roberto Pirey

The first release is officially featured Walter Harper, a member of the expedition of Hudson Street in 1913.
Russian climber Oleg Banarler, Viktor Afanasyev and Valery Bagov in Ruth's Glacier in 2006 and confirmed Кука. br> In 1932, two participants were killed in climbing the mountains.
In 2002, the departure of Russian alpinists to Denali was led by Matvey Shparon. His repetition was two invalids in the ski slopes between the 11 climbers. [1]
↑ Encyclopedia of the World

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