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Dakar is the capital of Senegal, the largest center of trade, transport and industry in West Africa. The city is located on the Green Moisey Peninsula and around 550 km2. Dakar's climate is sub-cyclotron, with precipitation from July to October. At this time, the maximum amount of rainfall comes from, its annual size is 580 mm. During this period, the temperature is always about 28 ° C. The remaining temperature of the year is + 22 ° C. The Dakar population is about 2 million. 90% of them are representatives of different African groups: wolf, seraer, storm, fulls. The rest of the population are representatives of different nationalities, and most of the Europeans are French. The official religion is Islam. Religious believers are divided into Sunnis (92%), pagans (6%), and Christians (2%). The state language is French. Locals speak volo, igandin, diola dialects.
Dakar was founded in 1857 as a French fortress. In 1895, the French joined the city into their ranks called Senegal. Until 1960, Dakar was the center of Senegal. From 1904 to 1960, Dakar was also the center of French West Africa. During World War II, the city was captured by English-American troops in 1942 and made it one of the most important bases in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1947, Dakar was divided into parts and construction began to be intense.
The industrial zone and the port were located in the eastern part. In the southern part, administrative and government centers were built in multistorey buildings (bank university campus, National Assembly, etc.). In the west of the European residential area, in the north-west there is a single-storeyed clay dwelling house - Medina. Dakar became the capital of the country after Senegal's independence in 1960.

Until now, the French have a number of key management positions, leading large firms and manufacturing enterprises. This is due to the low level of education. Only one third of the adult population is competent. More than 30% of children do not already have any education. There are several secondary, technical and higher education institutions in Dakar, including the Polytechnic Institute, Pasteur Research Institute, and the School of Dramatic Art. In addition, the city is home to the main university of the country - the University of Ant-Diop. It incorporates the world-renowned Black Sea Institute for Fundamental Research.
Dakar is one of the most visited places in Senegal and West Africa. There are beaches of Atlantic Beacon, which has a great success among tourists. It is possible to see the famous day-to-day motor rally in Paris - the Paris-Dakar shelf, which will be in the middle of January. Local Special Needs Large Mosque, Presidential Palace and Marcea Kermel are crafts markets. [1]
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