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English. Wyoming
Wyoming Flag
Wyoming Stamping
State Fellowship
«Equal Law State»
The Largest City

582,658 person (2013)
50th place (in the USA) - density 7,24 people / km²
10th place - total
253 348 km² ² km²

Latitude: 41 ° C, longitude: 45 ° C, longitude: 104 ° 3 ' 111 ° 3 ', page 59,

State Governor
Matt Mead
Legislative Body Lower House - Time zone
UTC-7 / -6
Official Web Site: Wyoming - west of the United States. The 10th place in the area of ​​Jeremy is 253 348 km², the smallest state in the United States with 582,658 people (50th) .The administrative center and the largest city, the city of Cheyenne. Contents
1 Geography 2 History
3 Economy
4 Geography of the Yellowstone River
Wyoming occupies 10th place in the United States in the United States - 253 348 km². In the suburbs of Montana in the east, Nebraska and South Dakota the state borders with the states of Idaho in the west, and the Colorado and Utah states in the south.The borders of the general area are like a rectangle.
The western part of the state is occupied by the Sengir Mountains, the highest point is the Hannet-Pic Mountain (4207m) -2042 m. The western part occupies the Great Plains area, and the state of Wyoming is located in the southwest of the state. About 16% of the state is covered with forests.
Archeologists say that the first settlers in the region - 13,000 years ago life Traditional Hindu tribes lived in the form of kou, shusha, tsarenne, arabo, and Sioux tribes .1743 The first European inhabitants came to this area. These Frenchmen François and Louis Verandri were the Frenchmen .Vioming's territory was occupied by French Louise In 1803, according to the "Louisiana Procurement" contract, the Wyoming Territory went to the United States. In 1869, Wyoming's government announced the transfer of women's electoral rights to the United States. In addition, the Union Railway Railway Contributed significantly to the development of Kazakhstan Wyoming was declared the 44th State of the United States. This year, the state's Constitution was adopted

Wind Electricity
According to 2012, the region's GDP (Domestic Domestic Product) was $ 38.4 billion. oil and natural gas, coal and uranium. Also, the state's most advanced tourism industry is the state of the art. The monuments of the world are known as the world-famous Yellowstone National Park, Devils Towers and the Grand Titan National Park.

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