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United Arab Emirates

Coordinates: 22 ° 47'00 "C e. 54 ° 37'00 "Nr. pp. 22.783333. e. 54.616667 ° deg. p. (G) (O) 22.783333, 54.616667
United Arab Emirates - [1] is a country located in the Middle East on the Arabian Peninsula in the north-east. Borders with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman. UAE in the north adjoins the Persian Gulf, and eastward to the Oman Bay. UAE is the federation of seven Arab states or Emirates, the most famous of which are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Emirate or Prince, or Prince. Nearly 96 percent of the population is Muslims. By mid-1900, most Arabs relied on the sale of pearl stones or camels. In the 1970s, the UAE became one of the richest economies in the world in the 1970s. [2] Table of Contents
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2 Political Situation
3 Population 4 Religions
5 Language
6 Holidays and Holidays
7 National Cuisine
8 UAE Climate
9 UAE Health Resorts
10 Political Structure
11 Banks
12 UAEs, traditions and customs
13 Administrative-territorial structure
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El orda - Official capital of Abu Dhabi. The tourist and trade center is Dubai City. The name of each emirate corresponds to the name of its main city

The United Arab Emirates, a federal state created in 1971, is a young nation consisting of seven independent emirates and each emirate has its own name associated with its major city: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Um-al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. The ruler of each emirate is Sheikh, and the general government is given to the Supreme Council.
Population - 80% of the population is from other countries. 2000 According to the census, ethnic Arabs accounted for 48.1% of the population (including UAE Arabs - 12.2%, Bedouin - 9.4%, Egyptian Arabs - 6.2%, Oman Arabs - 4.1%, Arab Arabs - 4%) , 35.7% in South Asia, 5% in Iranans, 3.4% for the Philippines and 2.4% for Europeans, and 5.4% in other countries.
The United Arab Emirates Constitution The main religion is the religion of Islam. 96% of the nation's population is Muslims. The influence of Islam can be seen in all seven domains of the Ummah. Almost 85% of Muslims follow the Sunni direction, many of which support the Maliki Madhhab. There are also those who follow the Wahhabi movement and the Shafi'i mazhab. The Emirates are controlled by the Federal Central Regulatory Authority of the Muslim Brotherhood
Official language of the UAE is Arabic. The English-speaking Hindi, Urdu and Persian are also free. Especially English is used in restaurants, hotels, road signs are in Arabic and English. There are three versions of the Arabic language in the United Arab Emirates. The oldest known form is known as classical language.
Holidays and Holidays
1 January - New Year. February 11 - Kurban Ait April 5 - New Year in Hijri. June 14 - Birthday of Mohammed Prophet. October 25 - Lelat al - Miraj, Miraj Night. November 27 - Start of Ramadan (in size) December 2-3 - National Day. There are also religious religious holidays. For example, Id Al Fir-Ramazan 3-4 days after the end of the New Year in Hijra (Muslim calendar) Prophet's birthday (Milad Nabi). The duration of religious holidays is determined by month calendar in Islam. Annual turnover of the monthly calendar is shorter than 11 calendar days. It is prohibited for 11 days to rest. Restaurants are not allowed to work during or during the religious holidays, or smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited. Let's look at the holiday of Ramadan. During the month, shops have reduced their working hours, drinking and smoking in public places. These requirements do not apply to hotel areas. These restrictions differ in each of the emirates with its cruelty
Friday - Friday.
Domestic dishes The Arabian cuisine has a wide range of dishes: homemade peas and sesame seeds paste, calf - crushed soft meat, white sail grated wheat, guzi - lamb with nuts and rice. Harris is a specially prepared wheat flour. The Arab Emirates is a marine country, so there is plenty of seafood dishes here except meat dishes. Carnivorous, shrimp, omar, tunnels are dishes with rice and special flavors.
Traditional Thai cuisine - sage (salad with salad with carrot or chicken salad) - sold everywhere in the city. The desserts are very tasty - uhm still (a kind of bread noodle), ashaya (sweet chewed clay paste cream), mexalabia (a pineapple with pink water and peppers).
Coffee destination is a great art in the country. The most amazing thing is Arabian, light colors. It is made of semi-heated grains. You can taste it in the cafés of Arbitrary Arabia.
UAE is a Muslim country and alcoholic drinks are sold only in restaurants, pubs and hotels. Only alcohol is absolutely forbidden in Sharjah. Dubai is considered to be the most democratic city. Do not use alcohol in public places, on the street, at the beach. Transportation is harsh when driving. This can be a great deal of fraud, even arrest. Drinking water from the pipe is not harmful. The water in the bottle can also be used.
Climate in UAE
The UAE is characterized by its true dry subtropical climate (13cm of rainfall per year). Summer is very hot (up to + 48 ° C). The sun and the cloudless sky are 360 ​​days a year. The UAE tourist season begins with the end of September when the summer dropping, and lasts for the first half of May

The UAE is the coolest months in December and January. The air temperature at this time is + 28 ° C in the daytime and + 18 ° C at night.
UAE sanatoria
UAE is the richest and most attractive part of the world for tourists. Warm water of Persian Gulf, sandy beaches, desert scenery, sailing pitch, wetlands of bananas and lemon wounds, modern lifestyle, people's trust in national traditions, European superb markets and eastern markets - all this is a fantasy world for travelers. Political Structure
Head of State - President. Also, each Emirates has its own dependent services, its own government.
The UAE and local foreign banks provide all kinds of financial services. Working hours of banks: from Saturday to Wednesday from 8.00 to 13.00, Thursday from 8.00 to 12.00. Some banks will be open from 16:00 to 17:00 hours. Exchange offices are open from 8:00 to 13:00 and 16.00 to 20.30 after noon. Currency unit is dirham. The turnover is 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 dirham money. Also, there are 1 dirham metal coins, and behind it is the coffin.
The UAE's conversion hub is called philosophy. One Dirham is 100 pounds. 50 filters with oil painting are widely used. Small coins are rarely used due to low cost. In 25-year-old leaflets, a five-seater fish picture is described.
In most hotels, shopping malls and large stores, payment cards such as American Express, Master Card, Visa, Dinners Club, and ATMs can be found in any large population center . No restrictions on the introduction and issuance of foreign and national money

220B, 50Hz
Traditions and customs of the UAE begin with the fact that the traditions of the United Arab Emirates are a Muslim country. Therefore, you need to respect the traditions of this people to understand, to come to an agreement, and to breathe better.
Islamic conditions are strictly observed in the holy month of Ramadan. During the daytime, the mouth of the Muslim boy will be strong. Crime and abuse are considered by the Shariah Court. Extortion and sexuality are strictly punishable. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed in a restaurant, a pub, or hotel room. Alcohol use or intoxication in public places leads to criminal offenses or relocations to the country.

you decide. It is considered a defamation when the heel of a person opposes the Arabs. The Arabs have a longer hand in hand, because it is a sign of exceptional care. Do not forget to have hands during your farewell. Dear people, you have the hand with both hands. Do not give your hand to the Muslim woman first, and she will do it as well!
Never ask a question about his wife even when you speak to Arabs, even if she is an old acquaintance who is well-acquainted. Just ask politely about the state of your family.
Arabs are very hospitable people. They meet the guests with tea, coffee or cold juices. Eastern countries adhere to the ancient tradition of waiting, so refusing to eat is a sign that you did not respect the householder. Take only food, juices or anything else with your right hand.
Tea is served in a small glass that has no handle such as coffee, and comes with milk and taste. In the hot summer day, Arab tea with herbs awakens your chest.
Women's clothes in Dubai, which has been hot and hot throughout the year, are not strictly restricted. However, it is desirable for you to respect local traditions and to wear very bright dresses. On the beach, you can dress in swimming pools. The top part of women's bathing suit should be mandatory
Avoid taking photographs of military facilities and buildings, police units or Arab wives. This will help prevent unwanted behavior. Respect the public and cultural traditions of the country, wherever you are.
Administrative-territorial structure
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Peninsula

Center, br> Abu Dhabi - أبو ظبي
Abu Dhabi - Road map: 67 340 - 1 465 431
260 br> Dubai
Dubai to Dubai
3,885 to 1,229,302
Ras al-Khaimah
رأس الخيمة
Ras al-Khaimah, Israel | 1 683 | 191 753
Umm al-Kuwait
أم القيوين to Umm al-Kuwait 777 | 59 098
1,166 118 933
2 590 - 656 941

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