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Brazil, the Federated Republic of Brazil - is a state in the eastern and central parts of the South American continent. Land - 8.5 mln. km². Population: 189 mln. person (2007). Ethnic composition of the population: white races - 54.7%, floods - 5.89%, mulatts - 38.45%. Additionally, more than 3 million immigrants (Japanese, Italian, German, Arabic, French, etc.) live. The capital of Brazil. The state language is Portuguese. Most people follow Christianity. National Holiday - Independence Day of the seventh of September
Christ of Attraction in Brazil
State Structure
2 Origin of Name
3 Climate
4 Inland Waters
5 History
6 Animal World
7 The most interesting facts about Brazil and the people of the country. 8 Source: State Structure
Brazil - Presidential Federative Republic. Head of state, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces - President. The supreme legislature - the National Congress consists of the federal Senate and the House of Deputies. Administrators are divided into twenty-five states, one federal (metropolitan) district. Every state dictated by its governor is in line with its constitution

Origin of the name
According to some estimates, the Brazilian name is believed to originate in the name of a tree growing in Brazil. This tree is Europe's XII century. paint, furniture and musical instruments. The tree is called Brazilian (a port of Brazilian tree). Other data include Irish myths, all Atlantic Ocean islands (for example, Cay-Brazil, or O'Brasil)
Brazil is bordered by the equatorial (northern), sub-equatorial, tropical (central and southern) on the subtropical (remote south-east) islands. Most of the land is covered by the Brazilian plateau. The climate is mainly hot, the precipitation is different. The western side is a humid equatorial, eastern side is in a valley equatorial width. There are plentiful, energy-rich rivers, Amazon, San Francisco, Parnambura, Paranah. There are Niobium, uranium, and Thorium ores. In addition, iron, manganese, copper, oil, gas and coal are in great demand
Inland waterways
Many rivers. South of the Brazilian upland is Uruguay and Paraná, eastward to the San Francisco Basin, with non-longitudinal rivers flowing to the Atlantic Ocean (eg Parniba). Next to the Paraná River, Iguasa was exhausted.
The land of Brazil inhabited the Neolithic era. Until the beginning of the 16th century, Brazil was inhabited by tupi-guarani, tupinambas, bototud tomoise, corodado, and others. Indian tribes. They are hunting, fishing, drinking, smoking, cigars, etc. cultivated crops. In 1500, the Portuguese sailor Pedro Cabral arrived on the coast of Brazil and declared that he had acquired the land of Portugal. He brought the valuable redwoods from Brazil, from Brazil to Portugal; The name of the country is also represented by this tree. In 1549, the governor-general was established and became the capital of Baia (Salvador). From 1517, slaves began to import, and as a result of slavery, large landlords emerged, where sugar cane, cotton, rice and maize were grown. Subsequently, Brazil became the richest flock of Portugal due to gold and diamond production. In 1763, the capital was transferred from Baia to Rio de Janeiro. In 1815, Brazil was granted a royal status and became a part of "the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarve." In January 1822, Brazil declared its independence. In March 1824, the country's first constitution was adopted and a constitutional monarchy was established. The following year, Portugal recognized the independence of Brazil. In 1850, slavery was banned, and slavery was abolished in 1888. Under the pressure of Britain and the United States in the First World War, Brazil declared war on Germany and sent troops to Europe in 1918. During the Second World War, US influence in Brazil increased, and in August 1942, Germany and Italy declared war on Japan in June 1945. In 1944, the 50,000-strong military corps was sent to the Italian Front. In the 1950's and 1960's, Brazil became a agrarian-industrial country. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and more. industrial centers, agricultural, financial, educational reforms were carried out. On April 21, 1960, he moved to the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. After that, for twenty years (1964-85) the country was led by the generals. Brazil is ranked eighth in terms of economic power. Brazil plays a key role in the Latin American countries. Main trading partners are: USA (22%), Western European countries, Latin America, Asian countries. Diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan established in 1992.
Brazil is believed to have many forms of vertebrates and invertebrates than in other countries. 77 species of apes, 3000 species of freshwater fish. Brazil is ranked 2nd in the world, 2nd in the world, 3rd in birds, and fifth in the world with heroes.
The most interesting facts about Brazil and the country's population ... Traditionally, nobody in Brazil is in time to come. This is similar to the Kazakhs. For example, if you have invited guests for five, you can expect 7-8. This habit is not only for guests, but in Brazil, series and news are starting to linger for about 15 minutes.
Brazilians do not use cash, pay with credit cards. You need to be very careful if you want to pay with real money.
São Paulo residents spend 3-4 hours on their way home from work. It is normal for them to stay in traffic jams.

They also go to the restaurant with these shoes.
The most popular drinks in Brazil: coca-cola and guarana grains. Alcoholic drinks are the most popular beer and cocoa (sugar cane).
Traditionally, Brazilians do not complain about their lives, even when they are in poor mood "How are you?" (Tudo bem), "Everything is fine" (Tudo). Many people think that monkeys are on the streets of Brazil. In fact, this is not right, you can never meet monkey from Brazil.
It is very dangerous to go alone in the street in Brazil, and we would not advise to risk at night. In the afternoons children will not be allowed to go alone in the street

The main holiday of Brazil is Christmas. The New Year will not pay much attention

Because both of them are very important to you

That is why the price of a loan is also near the commodity price.
English does not matter in Brazil. You can not finish anything in that language.
The people of Brazil are very patriotic. Their shelves include T-shirts with national flags.

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