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Balkhash Production Association (formerly Balkhash Mining and Metallurgical Plant or BKMK) is a copper smelter in Balkhash town.
The plant produces 130-150 thousand tons of refined copper per year. In addition, gold, silver, platinum and other non-ferrous metals are mined. [1]
1 History
1.1 Modern History
2 Production
3 Impact on Ecology
4 Sources History - In 1928 the Leningrad Geological Exploration Party headed by geologist-engineer Mikhail Rusakov arrived on the northern shore of Lake Balkhash. They conducted the first copper ore exploration in Balkhash and came to a hopeful conclusion. In the course of their exploration, geologists came to the conclusion that the deposit is so rich in copper that a new copper smelter can be built at its base. M.P. Rusakov telegraphed a statement to the Leningrad Geological Committee: "... A powerful copper-porphyry deposit Konyrat near Lake Balkhash has been discovered." Development of this field was soon initiated

October 1931, "Pribalkhashstroi" was established, the main purpose of which was the construction of a copper smelter. passed a resolution. It is fixed as the embankment of the main industrial facilities and the port of Bertys as the city location. The head of construction work was Vasily Ivanovich Ivanov (in 1938 he was falsely called the "enemy of the people" and sentenced to be shot.)

The Soviet state was in dire need of copper. At that time, copper was mainly imported from abroad. Instructions on the second five-year plan called for accelerated construction of the plant. The XVII All-Union Conference of VKP (b) (January 30 - February 4, 1932), which issued the instruction, entrusted the party organizations of Moscow and Leningrad to take care of the enterprise under construction. The rubble was sent, which raised a third of the funds allocated for the development of heavy industry in the Kazakh SSR.
In March 1938, a concentrator was tested and the first Balkhash concentrate was produced. In July the first smelting furnace was commissioned and the way to the metallurgical industry was opened. On November 24, the first Balkhash copper was released. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Balkhash mining and smelting complex. The first cast iron from Balkhash is stored in the Museum of the Revolution in Moscow.
With the outbreak of World War II, Balkhash metallurgists, concentrators and miners went to the front, and women took their places in the workshop and in ore. If before the war, 600 women worked, in the first year of the war their number increased to 2,453.
May 1942 BKMK started producing molybdenum metal for the tank industry.
Present History - In 1997 Balkhash field - Metallurgical plant is a part of Kazakhmys corporation. On April 1, the precious metal plant was built on the basis of the Balkhash plant. It has refineries, ore and repair shops. On August 30, refinery production was launched on the technological base of the Swedish company "Vliden". In three days, the first silver, and in two months, the first gold.
In 1999, the first batch of platinum and palladium were started. In 2000, other production facilities were also commissioned. In particular, the chemical and metallurgical plant. In 2003 a new zinc plant was opened. [1]
In 2000, the Balkhashtsvetmet Production Association joined the Shatyrkol copper deposit as a new base stock. Since 2002, Shatyrkol Mine has become inefficient and open-pit mining. Currently, Shatyrkol copper accounts for 40% of its products from its raw materials.
Balkhash plant supplies raw materials from various fields. The largest of the fields is located in Konyrat (12 km) and the longest is in Sayak (250 km east).
First, the plant receives 15-17% copper ore. It then melts in the furnace and turns into 45% copper matte. After melting, 93-95% of copper is produced. The copper will then be treated at the anode site, in an electrolytic bath, resulting in 99.9% copper. [2]
Impact on the Environment
The plant is considered to be the largest environmental polluter in the Balkhash region.

Prior to 1995, industrial wastewater was discharged into the lake without any treatment. As a result, the environment is polluted with heavy metals, and the biosphere of the water has suffered many patients.
The technological gases of the combine do not purify themselves of metal powders and sulfur dioxide, but also cause allergic and other diseases in the inhabitants of a nearby city.

Greater gas emissions into the atmosphere, causing birds to die in the city

Currently, very little is known about the environmental status of Lake Balkhash and its surroundings. Because in the early 1990's, standard-based observations were significantly reduced and scientific research was completely stopped.

Balkhash-Alakol reservoir council was established in September 2005.
2008 In Balkhash-Metallurgy Production Association the sulfuric anhydride burial was carried out. The switch is activated. The company reduced sulfur pollution by up to 80% by filtering the sulfur. The company produces sulfuric acid by recycling the toxic waste. Demand for this product is considerable: domestic enterprises produce 1 mln. In 2010, Kazakhmys was fined more than $ 4 million for pollution of Lake Balkhash. The company was also fined another 2.7 million tenge for the damage to the Sherubai-Nura reservoir. [4]

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