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White falcon

White Falcon (Latin Falco rusticolus) is a predatory bird belonging to a species of falcon. Kokshetau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, and Almaty for 12 years (1976-1988). Now there are three white falcons in the Almaty Zoo. [2] It inhabits the river and the foothills. The wing is 38-42 cm in length, weighs 2 kg, the smaller the wing, the wing length is 34-37 cm and the weight is 1 kg. The backbone is gray, shawar, liver, light, and white, with a white shimmery. Unlike predators that belong to the other species, the body is large. He puts his nest on the edge of the rocks, on the tree trunk. [3]
The white falcon lives alongside. In the winter months, grayish, low-fat diet feeds. Life in Kazakhstan is not studied. Birds are used as a bird hunting bird. The white falcon is protected and is included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan (1966), since it is a rarest bird. It is rarely seen that we have an unimportant winter. It spreads in the Arctic of North America and Eurasia and flies southward to winter. In Kazakhstan it is wintered in Kokshetau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, near Almaty and feeds them with open pitches. There are also birds in everywhere. The reasons for the decline are not determined, no safeguards are specified. It is necessary to popularize the protection of eagles among the population and to accelerate their artificial cultivation. [4] Table of Contents
1 Status 2 Taxonomy for the Taking of Gene Pool
3 Target 4 Accommodation Sites
6 Factors Affecting
7 Biological Features
8 Handmade
9 Protected Measures
10 Necessary Safeguards
11 Research Proposal
Status - 3rd category. Rarely, it is not a permanent winter type in Kazakhstan. Signed in the Red Book of the USSR (1984)
The Takson's Essentials to Maintain His Genofon
One of the Nine Types of Wild Fauna in Kazakhstan

The Arctic Regions of North America and Eurasia. During the cold season, some birds move to the south. Winter hawkers in Kazakhstan are observed in Kokshetau as well as south and east of the republic. In 1933, gray shooting of a gray-haired shoemaker was shot near Kokshetau, his personality was stored in the Zoological Museum of Moscow University [5]. 1904 In December, the hunter trapped in the valley of the Chu River, while the other was unknown at the time - on the Talas River. Zarudny reported [6]. In the east of Kazakhstan in 1918, March 1974, in the foothills of Saur. in the valley of Irtysh, in November, 2006 known in the Bukhtarma valley near Katon-Karagai in February [7] [8] [9]. [10]
Tundra and forest tundra. During winter, Kazakhstan was found in river valleys and mountain slopes. One adult resident lived in Almaty for a month.
Numerically, very small and does not have a winter winter stay in Kazakhstan. It is recorded twice within 12 years (1976-1988)
Factors Affecting Home
Biological Features
Monogam, 2-5 Eggs in April-May, 28-30 Days The bats will shake, and their young ones will land on their wings in 46-49 days. Birds and medium-sized rodents feed [5] [11]. In Kazakhstan, there is very little observation in the winter period: the gray gray hills that were traced in the western Altai were fired [7]. The wintering bird in Almaty had a stable hunting site for a month and dropped small grinders [12].

Raw catfish breeding riders in the Almaty Zoo have 3 sunblock dogs, which do not breed growth
Protected Measures

Protective Measures
Propagandizing Advocacy for the Conservation of Wild Birds among Indigenous People, Intensive Care Development

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