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For other meanings see the Ili River
Ili River
Ili River Description
1439 km
Water District
140,000 km²
Water bowl
Lake Balkhash
Water flow
Tien-Shan Mountains

Coordinates | 43.583333, 82.543 ° 35'00 "c. e. 82 ° 30'00 "Nr. pp. 43.583333. e. 82.5 ° C p. (T)

Lake Balkhash · Heights
340 m · Coordinates Coordinates: 45 ° 24'00 " h e. 74 ° 08'00 "nt. pp. 45.4. e. 74.133333 ° C. p. (G) (O) (H) 45.4, 74.13333345 ° 24'00 ". e. 74 ° 08'00 "nt. pp. 45.4. e. 74.133333 ° C. p. (Ğ“) (Ğ￾) (Я)
Distance 3,7 - 4,5 м / км Location
Balkhash and Almaty region Kazakhstan Kazakhstan China
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of Almaty Region
Site: Ili River

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3 Hydrology

. Starting from the Central Tien Shan Mountains (Tengirtau) It is formed by joining Tekes and Sunes and Kas rivers and flows into Balkhash Lake.
1001 km (1439 km), on the territory of Kazakhstan 815 km. The arable land area is 140000 km2, 77400 km2 on the territory of Kazakhstan. The upper part is mountainous. The right plain expands along the valley to the river Kas. The Kapchagai River runs through the vast, narrow valleys of the Ili River, where some of them are covered. The Kapchagai River runs through the riverbed and the Kapshagay dam is laid. Below the Kur River, the valley will be expanded and flowing through the Saryesyntauru and Taukum rivers. 340 km away from the mouth of the Ili, it is a large spur. Its length is 130 km, now it is up to 100 km and its area is 9000 km2. The Ili River is filled with glacial, rainfall, underground waters

About 30% of Kazakhstan's water resources are formed in Kazakhstan and 70% are in the territory of China. The long-term average flow is 12.35 km3 per year at Kairgan station (at the boundary) and 11,85 km3 in Balkhash. Mineral water is changed from 286 mg / l to 877 mg / l (boundary), at the beginning of the epinephrine (320 mg / kg) - 320 - 345 mg / l The importance of water in the region and its branches are mainly irrigated agriculture (3,7 - 4,5 km3 / year), for industrial and communal needs (200 - 500 million m3 / year), hydroelectricity. The fish is rich in fish, and it is cured. It sails below the city of Kulja (China). On the territory of Kazakhstan there is a regular shipyard to Bakanas village. In many parts of the canal it is rectangular, the tugai. [1] is considered one of the rivers of Zhetisu. Kapshagay water reservoir is located on the Ili river

Major fields: Kas, Turgen, Talgar, Kaskelen, Kurt, Shilik, Charyn, Usek (Asek), Khorgos. The ancient dry channels of Shetbakanas, Orthabankas, Narynbakanas, in the Balkhash district, flow into the river

The picturesque places of the Kapshagay, Bakanas, Kuldzha, Bakbakty are located along the river
Ile stream
Buddhist rock inscriptions
Evening Ile
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