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Hiroshi Yamauchi

Hiroshi Yamauchi (山 内 溥, Yamauchi Hiroshi ?, real name: 山 内 博; November 7, 1927 - September 19, 2013), Japanese businessman. He was the third president of Nintendo since 1949, when he resigned on May 31, 2002, and joined the company until Satoru Iwata succeeded him. Yamauchi is famous for transforming Nintendo from a small hanafuda game card maker in Japan into a billion-dollar video game company. Nintendo's former chief executive in the United States, Howard Lincoln, is the current CEO of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, the most stake in 1992.
Forbes, Yamauchi's net income as of April 2013 2.1 With $ 1 billion this year, it ranked 13th in the list of the richest Japanese, and with $ 2.5 billion in net revenue, it ranked 491th in the list of the richest in the world. [1]
Yamauchi was Nintendo's biggest shareholder when he died. br> Topics
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Yamauchi, 12 years old He was born in Kyoto, where the preparatory school is located. He planned to study law or engineering, but II. World War II interrupted his education. Because he was too small to fight, he was placed in a military factory. When the war ended in 1945, Yamauchi went to Waseda University to study law. He later married his wife Michiko Inaba, who died at the age of 82. Due to the absence of Yamauchi's father, who left his son and his wife Kimi, his grandparents organized the marriage ceremony. [5]
Nintendo career
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Early years
1949, Yamauchi 's grandfather, who was then president of Nintendo, was paralyzed. As he had no successor to replace him, he immediately asked Yamauchi to come to Nintendo to assume the presidency. He had to leave Waseda University to fulfill the request. Yamauchi said he would accept the post if he was the only one working in the family's Nintendo. Yamauchi's grandfather reluctantly accepted the agreement and died soon after. According to the agreement, his great cousin had to be fired. Because of his young age and lack of managerial experience, many employees disregarded Yamauchi and most of them took a stand against him. Shortly after taking over, Yamauchi was forced to deal with a strike by factory workers, who asked him to give up his rights. On the contrary, he demonstrated his authority by firing workers who had worked there for a long time. Later, the company changed its name to Nintendo Karuta and established its new headquarters in Kyoto.
In 1950, Yamauchi's wife Michiko gave birth to their daughter Yoko, their first child. Over the next few years, Michiko has often miscarried and has often become ill. In 1957, he gave birth to his other daughters, Fujiko, and soon after, his sons Katsuhito. [5]
Years later, Yamauchi's father, Shikanojo, refused to speak to him when he came to see his son. Shortly before Yamauchi's thirtieth age, he contacted his half-sister and said that Shikanojo had died from a stroke. At the funeral, he met his father's wife and four daughters, whom he did not even know existed. While he was still alive, he began to regret not having the opportunity to reconcile with his father. Her father's death changed Yamauchi; she mourned for months and cried without hesitation. Since then, he has made regular visits to his father's grave. [6]
On 19 September 2013, Yamauchi died in the hospital following complications of pneumonia. [7] Nintendo issued a statement stating that their former presidents mourned. [8]

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Hiroshi Yamauchi

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