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Lake, Artuklu

Göllü is a village in the central district of Mardin. Our village is 8 kilometers south of Mardin and about 15 kilometers east of Kızıltepe on the Mesopotamian plain. Its neighbors are familiar villages such as Ortaköy, Gökçe and Aşağı Azıklı villages. According to the last metropolitan structure, the neighborhood is connected to the Artuklu District. 5 Population
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The name "Goliye", which means the Kurdish lake owner, is the Kurdish name of the village. The village campus dates back to ancient times. In time, however, both the increase in the Kurdish household in the village and the exposure of the Syriac families to the violence caused the Assyrian villagers to leave the village. In the village there is a historical church from Syriacs. The church, which was renovated in 2006-2007, is a monument and adds beauty to the village next to the mosque at the entrance of the village. Although there is only one family of Syriacs left in the village, Muslims also accept and preserve the remains of the Assyrians as a wealth of the village. After the young people read and return to the big cities, the old traditions in the village have been replaced by better relations and tolerance environment. and the Baki family and the Meşkini (Dündar Family), the Arab tribe Dadoshlar, a small number of musicians and others. These families, who have recently abandoned the tribal structure, abandon the old unnecessary animosity and maintain their beautiful traditions and live like a single tribe in the village.

8 km from the center of Mardin

The climate of the village is under the influence of terrestrial climate
Village population data by year
The economy of the village is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. With the well water that has become widespread in recent years, it is progressing in agriculture and more yield is obtained.

There is a primary school in the village. The drinking water network of the village is provided by the White Water Project of the Mardin Municipality. There is not PTT branch but there is PTT agency. There is a health center. The village is asphalt roads connecting the village has electricity and fixed. Reviews External links Member Reviews Turkey portal YerelNet Reviews [3] Reviews This article is a stub about a village in Turkey. You can contribute to Wikipedia by improving the content of the article. Artuklu's neighborhoods
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Göllü, Artuklu

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