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Zaragoza (disambiguation)

Zaragoza or Saragossa is a city in Spain

Zaragoza may also refer to:

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  • 1 Places
    • 11 Mexico
    • 12 Spain
    • 13 Other places
  • 2 People with the surname
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  • Zaragoza Municipality, Coahuila
  • Zaragoza, Chiapas, a locality in Ocosingo
  • Ignacio Zaragoza, Chihuahua
    • Ignacio Zaragoza municipality
  • Zaragoza, Puebla
  • Zaragoza, San Luis Potosi
  • Zaragoza, Veracruz


  • Zaragoza, Aragón
  • Zaragoza province, Aragón
    • Zaragoza Spanish Congress Electoral District
  • Zaragoza comarca, Aragón

Other places

  • Zaragoza Municipality, Antioquia, Colombia
  • Zaragoza, La Libertad, El Salvador
  • Zaragoza, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
  • Zaragoza, Moyobamba, a neighborhood in Moyobamba, Peru
  • Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

People with the surname

  • Daniel Zaragoza born 1957, Mexican boxing champion
  • Federico Mayor Zaragoza born 1934, Spanish scholar, politician, Head of UNESCO
  • Ignacio Zaragoza 1829–1862, Mexican military commander of the 19th century
  • Steve Zaragoza born 1982 comedian, actor, and internet personality

Other uses

  • Metro Zaragoza, a station on the Mexico City Metro
  • Mexican corvette Zaragoza, a Mexican navy ship
  • Zaragoza Monterrey Metro, a station on the Monterrey Metro
  • Real Zaragoza, a football club from Spain
  • Zaragoza, an Mesoamerican obsidian source in Mexico, see obsidian use in Mesoamerica

See also

  • Saragossa disambiguation
  • Sargasso disambiguation
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