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Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san

yondemasu yo azazel-san, yondemasu yo azazel-san episode 1
Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san Japanese: よんでますよ、アザゼルさん。, Hepburn: Yondemasuyo, Azazeru-san, lit You're Being Summoned, Azazel-san is a Japanese comedy manga written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Kubo A 13-episode anime adaptation by Production IG aired in Japan between April and July, 2011 A second season aired during April 2013 Right Stuf, Inc released both seasons on R1 DVD in February 3, 2015


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Azazel アザゼル, Azazeru Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka A dog-like demon who is the title character He is a pervert who gets never-ending enjoyment in sexually harassing others, especially Sakuma He is also deathly afraid of Akutabe, who tends to abuse him when he gets out of line or fails to accomplish a goal His ability is called Lewdness, which gives him the ability to incite lust His powers range from making people attractive, unattractive, and even cause impotence When Akutabe ended their contract, he became contracted with Sakuma much to her chagrin He represents 'Lust' of the seven deadly sins Rinko Sakuma 佐隈 りん子, Sakuma Rinko Voiced by: Rina Satō Rinko Sakuma is the young female assistant of Akutabe Young and naive, she is just starting to learn about the power of demons She is bound in a contract with Azazel She appears to be one of the more moral people in the series early on, but as she learns more about demons, she becomes considerably darker Many of the demons note she is becoming more like Akutabe She is also easily influenced by money Azazel's nickname for her is Saku-chan サクちゃん Akutabe 芥辺, Akutabe Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa Akutabe is a detective that specializes in using demons He is very knowledgeable in the occult, and uses this knowledge to overpower the demons, even enabling him to block a powered up Divulgence spell from Beelzebub He is Sakuma's employer as well as a mentor He will summon demons to do his bidding and will often mistreat them if they annoy him or mess up their assignments He has shown to be cruel and rather sadistic causing even demons to be afraid of him Beelzebub ベルゼブブ, Beruzebubu Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya A childhood friend of Azazel who is a part of an elite family of demons Despite appearing to be a bird, he is actually a fly demon who eats feces much to the disgust of those around him He also has an ability called Divulgence which gives him the power to make others reveal their hidden selves ranging from revealing the side of them they don't want people to see, to forced defecation He can also use goat dung as a doping drug, making his attacks considerably more powerful Azazel's nickname for him is Bēyan べーやん He represents 'Gluttony' of the seven deadly sins Salamander サラマンダー, Saramandā Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai Salamander is a red lizard like demon who was originally summoned by an amateur for personal, selfish reasons Because the summoner was uneducated, Salamander dominated his spirit Salamander has an ability called Revolution which makes people believe their own words when they say things they don't truly believe He always carries a Katana that is strapped to his waist Azazel's nickname for him is Manda-han マンダはん He represents 'Greed' of the seven deadly sins Undine アンダイン, Andain Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi Undine is a mermaid demon, with the ability to take on human form She has fallen in love with Akutabe much to his chagrin Her ability is Jealousy, which makes it so that whenever she is jealous of another woman for whatever reason, she is able to transform that woman with her will When she is happy, these curses are undone She represents 'Envy' of the seven deadly sins Moloch モロク, Moroku Voiced by: Tesshō Genda A bull like demon under Akutabe's control According to Azazel and Beelzebub, he is the most violent demon in Hell and both are evidently scared of him, especially when he is angered Akutabe praises him as a demon on a higher league than his other demons and explained that he has the ability called Violence though what it does is unknown He was apparently killed when Sariel took his grimoire to heaven His nickname is Mossan モッさん He represents 'Wrath' of the seven deadly sins In Season 2, a new Moloch appears, more known as Mossan II モッさん二世, Mossan Ni-sei Mossan II is the younger brother of Moloch and has a worse temper than Moloch Kōtarō Dōchin 堂珍 光太郎, Dōchin Kōtarō Voiced by: Ryōko Shiraishi A boy who is the grandson of an acquaintance of Akutabe His overall personality is parallel to Azazel, albeit angrier and verbally abusive Examples of this includes sexually harassing Sakuma on their first meeting and picks a fight with Azazel He is contracted with Gusion Gusion グシオン, Gushion Voiced by: Noboru Yamaguchi A winged monkey like demon who was one of Solomon's 72 demons He is contracted with Kōtarō whom the later sacrificed the memories of his grandfather to form a contract with him His special ability is called Forgetfulness This ability allows him to eat the memories of others, especially fond memories He represents 'Sloth' of the seven deadly sins Sariel サリエル, Sarieru Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao An angel sent to collect grimoires of demons Due to a strict law imposed on angels, he cannot help mortals in need despite his righteous nature and can only act as an observer Also of note is that they cannot help even themselves if a human is the one tormenting them The only time angels are permitted to help humans is if a demon is involved, in which case they will take its grimoire back to heaven He steals Moloch's grimoire and takes it to heaven, killing the latter in the process Zeruel ゼルエル, Zerueru Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara Another angel sent to collect grimoires Like Sariel, he is a hypocrite as an angel, spending years climbing mountains and watching porn, waiting till the last minute to do his duties He tried to steal Beelzebub's grimoire, but failed and became a fallen angel Kiyoko キヨコ Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya A pink dog-like demon similar in style to Azazel, she is an occasional lover of his that believes that the two of them are married due to their physical relationship



Original video animationedit

No Title Original release date
1 "Naki-ushi Hen" 泣き牛編  February 22, 2010
The demon Azazel is summoned by Rinko Sakuma as a practice for demon summoning by her employer, Demon Detective Akutabe Refusing to go back without having a task given to him, Rinko allows Azazel to wash the windows She later tries to summon Beelzebub, but summons Moloch instead Moloch is at first shocked by his shrunken state, but Azazel explains that there is an Anti-Demon barrier that reduces their power dramatically and turns them into small, cute, weakened animals When Moloch demands a tribute for being summoned, Rinko presents him with curry Insulted by the tribute, he begins to punish Rinko by turning her into a cow Luckily, Akutabe arrives and makes Moloch accept the tribute by having him eat it, turning Rinko back to normal When he is shocked to find it is beef curry, he returns to Hell crying with Azazel trying to comfort him Akutabe then scolds Rinko for her carelessness and warns her to be more careful when dealing with demons 
2 "Sēya Hen" セーヤ編  September 22, 2010
This takes place sometime after episode 4 of the series Azazel is worries Rinko will become another Akutabe after he discovers she has been getting increasingly good at using magic Later, a client asks Rinko to help her break up with her idiotic host club boyfriend, Seiya At the club, Seiya stated when he becomes number one host, he will agree to break up with his girlfriend Not seeing it happening, Rinko uses Azazel's ability to make him irresistible to women and become number one host Azazel soon realizes because of the guy's stupidity, he could use him to leave the agency The next day, Azazel tricks Seiya to steal his grimoire from the agency With Akutabe gone on a three-day case on the other side of the world, Rinko is forced to rely on Beelzebub for help He explains that since the grimoire was stolen, she has two days to get it back or she will be cursed by the grimoire and her ties with demons will be severed He at first is unwilling to help until Rinko points out that if their contract is terminated, he'll have to go back to working with Akutabe who treats him far worst They find Seiya and Azazel at a club seducing women and gaining power thanks to Azazel's ability of inciting lust Rinko tries to convince Seiya to giver her back her grimoire, even showing him Okada who was turned into an iguana for abusing the power of the grimoire Unfortunately, Seiya is too incompetent to understand the severity of his situation They try to use force but are captured As Azazel and Seiya celebrate their success, the later goes to defecate, but does not have toilet paper, so he uses a page of the grimoire For desecrating the grimoire, he is turned into a praying mantis leaving Azazel unable to use his powers Rinko soon gets free and once again has Azazel's grimoire back She then punishes Azazel with a curse that causes him to explode, much to the horror of Beelzebub who realizes she is slowly becoming like Akutabe 

Anime television seriesedit

Yondemasuyo, Azazel-sanedit

For the first season, the opening song is Pandemic!! by Chihiro Yonekura, and the ending song is Like a Party by Team Nekokan ft Chihiro Yonekura

No Title Original airdate
1 "The Demon Detective, the Demon and the Part-time Worker"
"Tōjō! Akuma-tantei to Akuma to Baito" 登場!悪魔探偵と悪魔とバイト 
April 8, 2011
After finding out her husband was cheating on her, a client seeks the help of demon detective Akutabe and his new assistant Rinko Sakuma to make him stop Akutabe summons Azazel, the demon of lust, for the task However, Azazel proves to be useless, using his powers upon their client instead, first giving her an overwhelming stench, and then giving her enormous breasts To encourage Azazel, Akutabe entices him by promising to cancel their contract if he succeeds He finally does it by making the cheater impotent from a suggestion made by Sakuma, much to her horror In the end, Akutabe does keep his promise, but then forces a contract between Sakuma and Azazel instead 
2 "Prince of the Demon World"
"Makai no Purinsu" 魔界のプリンス 
April 15, 20112
For attendance credits at her college, Sakuma agrees to find a dog named Toki for her teacher, a famous vegetarian and animal rights activist with supposedly no faults Akutabe enlists the help of Azazel's childhood friend Beelzebub, who is a prince of Hell Under Sakuma's guidance, they succeed in the task and capture Toki thanks to Beelzebub forcing the dog to defecate with his special ability Back at the office, Beelzebub is praised by Sakuma causing Azazel to feel jealous Sakuma gives him a pig's foot to cheer him up but he is then attacked by Toki Beelzebub in the meantime was prepared to use the office microwave to warm up the dog feces from earlier to eat, but is violently stopped by Akutabe Akutabe later then concludes from looking at Toki's feces that the professor was forcing a vegetarian diet on Toki He later publicly exposes this fact on a live television show using Beelzebub's Divulgence ability, causing the professor to go into hiding, and giving Toki to a loving family 
3 "Revolution of men"
"Otokotachi no Kakumei" 漢達の革命 
April 22, 20112
A man named Okada seeks the agency's help to find an idol named Hebi-chan whom he has been stalking He plans on using the power of a demon he summoned called Salamander to get her to love him Salamander's power is revealed to be Revolution, where he uses people's own words to influence their thoughts and behaviour He uses his powers on Sakuma, making her see Azazel as a handsome, kind person, and makes her agree to help the stalker Azazel and Beelzebub are impressed by Salamander's powers and agree to assist him At the same time, Akutabe takes on a job on behalf of Hebi-chan to capture her stalker When Akutabe returns to the office, he discovers what has transpired and concluded from the way things are that Salamander completely took over Okada's will due to lack of experience He is immediately betrayed by his demons and Sakuma, who is under Salamander's influence, and Okada is allowed to escape After a little research he comes up with a plan and forms a contract with Undine, a neurotic, unstable demon of jealousy with the power of Transformation She falls for Akutabe, much to his annoyance and anger 
4 "Jealous Fish"
"Yaki-zakana" 妬き魚 
April 29, 20112
Salamander and his followers come up with a plan by using Sakuma to get close to the Hebi-chan, allowing Salamander to use his powers on her Sakuma returns to the agency, prompting Undine to have an extreme fit of jealousy, accusing her of trying to steal away Akutabe with her "four-eyed" beauty She then activates her power, giving Sakuma perfect vision and taking her glasses Later, Akutabe takes Sakuma and Undine to meet with Hebi-chan While Sakuma calls for the demons, Akutabe praises Hebi-chan's beauty, enraging Undine again When Okada and the demons arrive, they discover that Hebi-chan has been turned into a hideous person by Undine, disgusting Okada and allowing Akutabe to capture the demons He then makes Undine happy to undo what was done as a result of her jealousy, turning Hebi-chan back to normal and restoring Sakuma's short-sightedness He then cryptically tells Okada that as a result of his actions, he will soon be punished by the grimoire At the office Sakuma, now no longer influenced by Salamander, asks what will happen to Okada, but Akutabe simply warns her to be aware that she should be careful when dealing with demons Akutabe then proceeds to violently punish Azazel and Beelzebub for their treachery along with Salamander 
5 "Love ☆ Curry Doctor"
"Ai Karē-haku" 哀☆カレー博 
May 6, 20112
Akutabe reveals to Sakuma that Okada was turned into an iguana as punishment for his actions and prompts her to study the grimoire Later, Sakuma shows promise in using the powers of the grimoire when she uses Beelzebub to stop a molester on a subway Little does she know, the angel Sariel is tracking her down to take her grimoire Sakuma later meets with a client to solve a case where a company's mascot has been plagiarized by another company Tasked to find out who it is, she decides Beelzebub to expose the culprit, but it fails She asks for Akutabe's help and he lends her Moloch, reputed to be one of the most violent demons in Hell Later at a bar, her client meets with her and reprimands her for not finding the culprit yet, but is later put to shame when they find out he was the one who leaked the mascot's image in a drunken stupor Despite this, he refuses to pay Sakuma, and she uses Beelzebub to cause him to want to defecate until he agrees to pay Meanwhile, Sariel is getting close to Sakuma and the demons 
6 "Moloch of Violence"
"Bōgyaku no Moroku" 暴虐のモロク 
May 13, 20113
While hunting down the source of the demonic power, Sariel is waylaid and forced into the same bar where Sakuma, the demons and the client are drinking Sakuma continues to extort the client for their fee, while Azazel is angry that she is using Beelzebub's powers more than his Beelzebub points out to Sakuma that they should send back Moloch, who is on the edge because he has no outlet to use his powers The client accidentally angers Moloch by spitting out some beef jerky, but before an enraged Moloch can attack him, the client mistakes Moloch for a soft toy In the confusion, Moloch's grimoire falls into Sariel's hands, and the angel reveals himself and flies up to heaven with the book, to the horror of the demons As his grimoire reaches heaven, Moloch then disappears forever, and a tearful Azazel and Beelzebub weep for his loss Sakuma is touched by the emotions displayed by the demons The next day, Sakuma returns to work and is overjoyed to see Moloch in the office But it turns out to be a stuffed toy created by their former client, which is then gleefully destroyed by Azazel and Beelzebub 
7 "Return of the Jealous Fish"
"Yaki-zakana, Futatabi" 妬き魚、再び 
May 20, 20113
Sakuma is introduced to Koutarou Douchin, a young boy contracted with Gusion, a monkey-like demon who eats the memories of others Akutabe asks her to take him to school, but she is disgusted by Douchin's bad attitude and sexual harassment Akutabe is forced to call upon the increasingly unstable Undine, who is revealed to be desperate for a husband Undine takes Douchin to his school, Golgotha High, where she meets and falls for Himoi, Douchin's new homeroom teacher She then tricks the handsome but stupid teacher into signing a contract and to say that he loves her When Douchin accidentally breaks a vase in the principal's room, he calls upon Gusion to eat the memories of Himoi and the principal to cover his actions 
8 "Himo-T"
"Himotisu" ヒモティス 
May 27, 20113
Douchin is brought to his new class, and Undine follows him there to remain close to Himoi, who is revealed to be an extremely popular teacher, especially among the girls After several instances where Undine uses her powers to deflect girls away from Himoi, she confronts him Himoi blurts out that he prefers the peaceful life of the school over her, and Undine transforms the place into a dystopian, tortuous environment Douchin tries to ask for help from the agency, but everyone refuses Back at the school, Undine discovers that Himoi doesn't remember saying he loves her, and turns him into a fish Douchin returns and realises that everything happened because he used Gusion's powers to erase Himoi's memories He then makes Undine happy to undo her powers and makes Gusion eat everyone's memories to cover his tracks Back at the agency, a happy Undine tries to force her renewed affections on an enraged Akutabe 
9 "Strawberry Warrior Appears, nyorin www"
"Ichigo no Senshi Tōjō Nyorin www" 苺の戦士 登場ニョリンwww 
June 3, 20113
Sakuma begins getting off work from the agency earlier each day, causing Akutabe to have suspicions Azazel and Beelzebub volunteer to spy on her, and Akutabe releases some of the barriers he has placed upon Beelzebub to help them blend in the human world Beelzebub adopts a human form, and Azazel puts on a dog suit They track Sakuma to the university where it is revealed that she is cosplaying as the anime character Strawberry Warrior, in order to get exam notes from the anime club president Despite her inhibitions, she proves to be adept at playing the character, and eventually joins more of the anime club activities Azazel and Beelzebub inform Akutabe, who tells them to get her back 
10 "Serve the Strawberry Curry!"
"Ichigo no Karē o Meshiagare!" イチゴのカレーを召しあがれ! 
June 10, 20114
11 "Alpinist Angel"
"Arupinisuto Enjeru" アルピニストエンジェル 
June 17, 20114
12 "Dirty Landlord Good Landlord"
"Kitanai Ōya Yoi Ōya" 汚い大家 善い大家 
June 24, 20114
13 "Bee"
"Bēyan" べーやん 
July 1, 20114

Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san Zedit

For the Second season, the opening song is "Momomomomossan no Theme"もももももっさんのテーマ by Namikawa Daisuke for the first episode, and the opening song for the rest of the season is, "Revival!! りばいばる!!" by Team Nekokan ft Chihiro Yonekura

No Title Original airdate
1 "Foolish Older Brother, Clever Younger"
"Gunii Kenotouto" 愚兄賢弟 
April 7, 2013
2 "The Cow Saw!"
"Ushi wa Mita!" 牛は見た! 
April 14, 2013
3 "Charisma of Hemorrhoids"
"Ji no Karisuma" 痔のカリスマ 
April 21, 2013
4 "Eurynomos of Despair"
"Zetsubou no Eurinoumu" 絶望のエウリノーム 
April 28, 2013
5 "Megumi on the Move"
"Megumi, Ugoku" 恵、動く 
May 5, 2013
6 "Pure Angel, Baby!"
"Juntenshi, Beibii" 純天使、ベイビイ 
May 12, 2013
7 "Murder at Lake Ryuujin Part 1"
"Ruujinko Satsujin Jiken Zenpen" 龍神湖殺人事件(前編) 
May 19, 2013
8 "Murder at Lake Ryuujin Part 2"
"Ruujinko Satsujin Jiken Kouhen" 龍神湖殺人事件(後編) 
May 26, 2013
9 "Welcome to the Museum"
"Hakubutsukan e Youkoso" 博物館へようこそ 
June 2, 2013
June 9, 2013
11 "The Truth About Acchan"
"Acchan no genjitsu" あっちゃんの現実 
June 16, 2013
12 "Demon"
"Akuma" あくま 
June 23, 2013
13 "Darkness"
"Yami" やみ 
June 30, 2013


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External linksedit

  • Manga Official website Japanese
  • Anime Official website Japanese
  • They're Calling for You, Mr Azazel manga at Anime News Network's encyclopedia

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