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WRVQ, wrvq 94.5
WRVQ 945 MHz "Q94" is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Richmond, Virginia, and serving Central Virginia WRVQ is owned and operated by Entercom Communications[1] It airs a Top 40 CHR radio format The syndicated Elvis Duran show from WHTZ in New York City is heard in morning drive time

WRVQ's studios and offices are located just north of Richmond proper on Basie Road in unincorporated Henrico County, Virginia The transmitter is on WRVA Road in Henrico[2]


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Early Years as WRVB, WRVA-FM

On August 10, 1948, the station signed on as WRVB[3][4] It was the FM counterpart to AM 1140 WRVA WRVA and WRVB were owned by a tobacco company, Larus & Brother, with studios in the Hotel Richmond WRVB was powered at 25,000 watts, mostly simulcasting WRVA, including the line-up of CBS Radio Network dramas, comedies, sports and news, during the Golden Age of Radio

In 1956, Larus & Brother signed on Channel 12 WRVA-TV now WWBT At the same time, the FM call sign was switched to WRVA-FM[5] When the TV station became an NBC-TV network affiliate, WRVA-AM-FM switched to the NBC Radio Network, too

Superpower Authorization

In the 1960s, WRVA-FM was one of several Richmond FM stations receiving permission from the Federal Communications Commission for unusually high power[6] Today, Richmond is in Zone 1, limited to a maximum of 50,000 watts effective radiated power ERP But before these rules were strictly enforced, 1037 WFMV now WURV was permitted to operate at 74,000 watts, 1021 WRNL-FM now WRXL broadcast at 120,000 watts, and, to this day, 945 is grandfathered at 200,000 watts[7]

In the 1960s, WRVA-FM began to broadcast its own programming, mostly easy listening music, with the AM station's news and other shows simulcast during some hours

Top 40 WRVQ

In 1969, WRVA-FM was sold to Southern Broadcasters[8] In 1972, Southern Broadcasters switched WRVA-FM to a new Top 40 format, as WRVQ Until the 1970s, Top 40 stations were mostly on the AM band In Richmond, the big contemporary stations were 1380 WTVR now WBTK and 1480 WLEE now WTOX Most receivers were still AM only at this time

At first, WRVQ operated as an automated station, but by the late 1970s, live DJs were added In 1978, Southern Broadcasters became Harte-Hanks Radio In 1984, WRVA and WRVQ were sold to Edens Broadcasting[9] And in 1992, ownership moved to Clear Channel Communications, the forerunner to iHeartMedia Through all the sales, WRVQ has stayed in the same format, as the leading Top 40 station in the Richmond radio market

Entercom Ownership

On November 1, 2017, iHeartMedia announced that WRVQ, along with all iHeart stations in Richmond and Chattanooga, would be sold to Entercom due to that company's merger with CBS Radio[10] Entercom and iHeart also swapped several stations in Boston and Seattle, to help Entercom remain within FCC ownership caps The sale was completed on December 19, 2017[11]


WRVQ broadcasts in the HD Radio format WRVQ-HD2 formerly carried "The Planet", an automated classic rock format On New Year's Day 2018, WRVQ-HD2 and associated analog translator W241AP were converted to an FM simulcast of WRVA, returning the station to simulcasting their mother AM station for the first time in decades


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