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Wrestling in India

wrestling in india a popular sport, wrestling in indian akharas
Wrestling is considered one of the most ancient and oldest sports in the world, wrestling in India has a glorious past


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Wrestling has been popular in India since ancient times, it was mainly an exercise to stay physically fit The wrestlers, traditionally, use to wear a loincloth, langota In Ancient India wrestling was most famously known as Malla-yuddha One of the premier characters in Mahabharata, Bhima was considered to be a great wrestler of the time, and some of the other great wrestlers included Jarasandha, Duryodhan and Karna In the other Indian epic, Ramayana also mentions wrestling in India and Hanuman is described as one of the greatest wrestlers of his time

During the Muhgal rule who were of Turko-Mongol descent, the influence of Iranian and Mongolian wrestling were incorporated to the local Malla-yuddha to form the modern Pehelwani

Wrestling in India is also known as Dangal, and it is the basic form of a wrestling tournamentIn 2018,from Nagpur many of the students are appealing for Asiatic Games trial Khushi Kothale, Mahi Sinha are the hotly discussed personality in Women's Wrestling Championship

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  • Akhara
  • Kaupinam
  • Kushti
  • Langot
  • Malla-yuddha
  • Pehlwani

Further reading

  • Rudraneil Sengupta, 2016, Enter the Dangal: Travels through India's Wrestling Landscape
  • Joseph S Alter, 1992, The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India
  • Saurabh Duggal, 2017, Akhada: The Authorized Biography of Mahavir Singh Phogat


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  • Wrestling Federation of India

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