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World Future Society

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The World Future Society WFS is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization founded in 1966 and based in Chicago, IL1 Each year it reviews the past year in order to make predictions about the future,2 and each July holds a conference which features speakers and one- or two-day courses dealing with futures studies Membership is open and many members are not professional futurists3 The society says that its membership includes sociologists, scientists, corporate planners, educators, students and retirees4


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Julie Friedman Steele 2016–present 5

Presidents / Executive Directoredit

Julie Friedman Steele 2016–present 5 Amy Zalman 2014-2016 6 Timothy Mack, Esq 2004-2014 7 Ed Cornish 1966-2004


The World Future Society publishes numerous books, including Futuring: The Exploration of the Future Oct 2005, written by society founder Edward Cornish, as well as several print and electronic journals


The Futuristedit

The Futurist was established in 19678 It was previously a full-color bimonthly magazine and is now an online publication that reports on technological, societal, and public policy trends The Futurist was nominated for a 2007 Utne Independent Press Award for Best Science and Technology Coveragecitation needed

The Futurist has published articles by forecaster and Smart Money columnist Jamais Casciocitation needed, NASA chief research scientist Dennis Bushnell,9 Financial Times economist Martin Wolf,10 workplace expert John Challenger and Wall Street Journal "Gen X" columnist Alexandra Levit11 The magazine published exclusive interviews with former US Speaker of the House Newt Gingrichcitation needed, serving US congressman Dennis Kucinich,12 Harvard evolutionary biologist Marc Hausercitation needed, as well as inventor and World Future 2010 featured speaker Ray Kurzweilcitation needed

The Futurist featured coverage on:

  • Powering an energy-hungry civilization with uranium, sunlight, wind, the gulf stream, garbage, ammonia, algae, other sources13
  • The potential impact of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology on invention and manufacturing,14
  • Changing the weather to combat climate change,15
  • How to create your own artificial island nation,16
  • The job market of the 21st century,17
  • The future of national security in the age of cyber warfare, by former White House advisor Marvin Cetron,13
  • The influence of neuroscience on traditional ideas of morality18
  • Powering the World with Artificial photosynthesis19

Executive Editors of The Futurist

Edward Cornish 1967-2010; Cynthia G Wagner 2011-2014;20 Mark D Drapeau 201521


The World Future Society previously published the academic journal World Future Review This journal is independent of the society starting with Volume 822


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External linksedit

  • World Future Society WFS official website
  • The Futurist Magazine archives

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