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Wooden Shjips

wooden shjips, wooden shjips these shadows
Wooden Shjips pronounced "ships" is an experimental rock band from San Francisco, United States

Their sound has been described as experimental, minimalist, drone rock, and "spacey psychedelic rock" They have been compared to Suicide, Loop, The Velvet Underground, The Doors, Soft Machine and Guru Guru They are signed to Thrill Jockey records

Guitarist Ripley Johnson also plays in a side project, Moon Duo, formed in 2009 with Sanae Yamada The project has released one EP and four albums

The group played at the 2010 All Tomorrow's Parties music festival in Monticello, New York in September 2010 at the request of film director Jim Jarmusch

In November 2013, the group released their fourth studio album, Back to Land, on Thrill Jockey


  • 1 Discography
    • 11 Studio albums
    • 12 Compilation albums
    • 13 Singles and EPs
  • 2 References
  • 3 External links


Studio albums

  • Wooden Shjips 2007
  • Dos 2009
  • West 2011
  • Back to Land 2013
  • V 2018

Compilation albums

  • Vol 1 2008
  • Vol 2 2010

Singles and EPs


  • Shrinking Moon For You 2006
  • Holiday Cassingle cs 2008

via Sick Thirst

  • Dance, California 2006
  • SOL '07 2007
  • European Tour split with The Heads
  • Vampire Blues 2008
  • Oh Tennenbaum / Auld Lang Syne 2010
  • Tour of Australia and New Zealand 2010

via Mexican Summer

  • Contact 2009

via The Great Pop Supplement

  • Big City Demo / I Believe It split with Spacemen 3

via Sub Pop

  • Loose Lips / Start To Dreaming 2007


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External links

  • Official website
  • Holy Mountain artist page
  • Myspace page
  • Discogs page
  • BBC Artist page, including reviews and tracks played

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