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Wonderland (soundtrack)

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Wonderland is the 38th album release by British composer Michael Nyman and the soundtrack to the 1999 film Wonderland It is the first of many collaborations of Nyman with director Michael Winterbottom For Winterbottom, Nyman would later perform excerpts of this score in 9 Songs, provide a score for The Claim, and arrangements and re-used tracks for A Cock and Bull Story Nyman's daughter, Molly, has continued the family working relationship with Winterbottom, scoring The Road to Guantanamo with Harry Escott

Nyman has said that the soundtrack to Wonderland is his favourite film score The New York Times compared the score to that of Stewart Copeland for Rumble Fish and said that "the rhythms are like a clock ticking" and that it is "alternately plaintive and mournful" The Guardian characterized it as "sumptuous, romantic" Senses of Cinema said the music was "heart-wrenching, full of tragic qualities, yet also extremely light"

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Track listing

  1. molly
  2. eddie
  3. nadia
  4. dan
  5. debbie
  6. bill
  7. eileen
  8. jack
  9. darren
  10. unnamed
  11. franklyn


Michael Nyman Band

  • Beverley Davison, violin
  • Anthony Hinnigan, cello
  • David Roach, soprano saxophone
  • Andrew Findon, tenor baritone saxophone, flute
  • David Lee, French horn
  • Steve Sidwell, trumpet
  • Nigel Barr, trombone
  • Michael Nyman, piano, conducting
  • produced by Michael Nyman


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