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Świebodzice ; German: Freiburg is a town in south-western Poland with 23,175 inhabitants as of 2014 It is situated in Świdnica County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship from 1975–1998 it was in the former Wałbrzych Voivodeship

The town is situated close to Książ Castle, which during World War II, together with the underground cave complex, was expanded to create private quarters for Adolf Hitler

Prior to 1945 the town was in Germany and known as Freiburg in Schlesien After World War II the region was placed under Polish administration by the Potsdam Agreement under territorial changes demanded by the Soviet Union Most Germans fled or were expelled and replaced with Poles

Old fortifications from around 1279, the year the town was founded, still remain

Notable residents

  • Gustav Becker, German clockmaker
  • Paweł Fajdek born 1989 2013 World Champion in the Hammer Throw
  • Hartmut Kilger born 1943, President of the German Lawyer's Association 2003–2009
  • Martin Kirschner 1842–1912, Mayor of Berlin
  • Emil Krebs 1867–1930, German scientist, noted polyglot who spoke a total of 68 languages at the time of his death
  • Wilhelm Niepelt 1862–1936, German scientist
  • Alfred Zucker, German architect
  • Anna Zalewska, born 1965 politician, Minister of National Education of Poland

External links

  • Jewish Community in Świebodzice on Virtual Shtetl

Coordinates: 50°52′N 16°20′E / 50867°N 16333°E / 50867; 16333

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