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Świdwin German: Schivelbein; Kashubian: Skwilbëno is a town in West Pomeranian Voivodeship of northwestern Poland It is the capital of Świdwin County established 1999, previously having been in Koszalin Voivodeship 1950–1998, and the administrative seat - though not part - of the Gmina Świdwin Świdwin is situated in the historic Pomerania region on the left banks of the Rega river, about 100 km 62 mi east of the regional capital Szczecin and 44 km 27 mi south of the Baltic coast at Kołobrzeg In 2010 the town had a population of 15,503


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Schivelbein about 1860, with the new railway line to Stargard

In the 13th century the settlement belonged to the Duchy of Pomerania under the Griffin duke Barnim I In 1248 the duke ceded the area to the Bishop of Cammin, who shortly afterwards sold it to the Ascanian margraves of Brandenburg Schivelbein was incorporated as the northeastern outpost of the Neumark region and, though temporarily pawned to the State of the Teutonic Order, remained a Brandenburg possession until the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 In 1816 it became part of the Prussian province of Pomerania

The Battle of Świdwin took place south of the town during 6–7 March 1945, in which a German SS corps was encircled and destroyed by two Soviet and one Polish armies After the town was captured, a Soviet general was killed by a member of the Hitler Youth The reprisals that followed saw the men shot, and the women and girls raped by Soviet troops At the end of World War II Schivelbein with Farther Pomerania became part of the Republic of Poland and its name changed to Świbowina, which was officially renamed to Świdwin in 1946


1960: 10,000 inhabitants 1970: 12,600 inhabitants 1975: 13,500 inhabitants 1980: 14,000 inhabitants 2004: 17,000 inhabitants 2005: 16,240 inhabitants 2008: 15,486 inhabitants 2009: 15,621 inhabitants 2010: 15,503 inhabitants

Notable residents

  • Otto Georg Bogislaf von Glasenapp 1853–1928, Vice president of the Reichsbank
  • Olgierd Moskalewicz b 1974, soccer player
  • Johannes Poeppel 1921–2007, general
  • Rudolf Virchow 1821–1902, pathologist and politician
  • Grzegorz Halama b 1970, parodist, cabaret actor

International relations

See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Poland

Twin towns — sister cities

Świdwin is twinned with:

  • Sanitz, Germany

Świdwin's airport

The military airport operated by the Polish Air Force is located about 5 km 311 mi from the city centre Civilians are not permitted to enter, but this airport is often used for government's aircraft The runway is 25 km 155 mi length and 60 m 19685 ft width


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External links

  • Municipal website in Polish
  • History of town in Polish
  • History photo in Polish


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