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White Belt Yellow Tag

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White Belt Yellow Tag are a British alternative rock band, formed by former Yourcodenameis:milo guitarist Justin Lockey and Craig Pilbin When performing live, Tom Bellamy formerly of The Cooper Temple Clause plays drums

Talking about the project's name, Lockey said "To be honest naming a band is the worst thing in the world ever It's the hardest thing Trying to come up with a name that doesn't make you cringe when you say it out loud" "It doesn't start with 'The' and end in 'S' which is a plus point - we like the name and I think it's the furthest I got in taekwondo when I was about seven"

They released their debut EP You're Not Invincible on 9 April 2009, with the title track being named as 'Track of the Day' on Q magazine's website


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    • 11 Albums
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Singles and EPs

  • You're Not Invincible EP 2009
  • "Tell Your Friends It All Worked Out" 2009
  • Remains EP 2009
  • "Always and Echoes" 2010


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  2. ^ "Track of the Day" Q 2009-04-01 Retrieved 2009-06-09 

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