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WGRQ is a Classic Hits formatted broadcast radio station licensed to Fairview Beach, Virginia, serving Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Bowling Green in Virginia[2] WGRQ is owned and operated by Telemedia Broadcasting, Inc[4]


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WGRQ broadcasts a classic hits music format to the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area[2] As of May 2014[update], weekday on-air personalities include Dave Adler on morning drive, Christal Blue on mid-days, Mark Clifford on afternoons, Mike Harvey on evenings[5] and Casey Kasem's American Top 40 on Sunday evenings Each year, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving, WGRQ flips to all-Christmas music programming and becomes "The Christmas Station" This format flip completed its fifth year in 2010[5]

In addition to its music programming, since 2009 the station has broadcast Virginia Cavaliers football games as a member of the Virginia Sports Radio Network[6][7] WGRQ also broadcasts Washington Redskins games as a member of the Redskins Radio Broadcast Network[8]



After an application was filed in March 1983, the original construction permit for this station was granted by the FCC on December 7, 1984[9] This would be a new station broadcasting on 959 MHz with 3,000 watts of effective radiated power from an antenna 913 meters 300 ft in height above average terrain The new station's city of license was to be Colonial Beach, Virginia[9] The still-under construction station was assigned call sign WPOT on February 25, 1985[3]

In November 1985, original permit holder Colonial Beach Broadcasting, Inc, applied to the FCC to transfer the permit to Potomac Broadcasting, Inc[10] The call sign was changed to WGRQ on December 1, 1985, and has remained stable for more than 25 years[3] The sale to Potomac Broadcasting was finalized in March 1986[10]

Telemedia era

WGRQ began broadcasting under program test authority on May 3, 1986, with an adult contemporary music format[11] The station received its broadcast license from the FCC on November 16, 1987[12] Just days later, Potomac Broadcasting applied to the FCC to transfer the license to Telemedia Broadcasting, Inc[13] The FCC approved the transfer on January 4, 1988, and the transaction was consummated on January 20, 1988[13]

Previously known as "Virginia's Rockin' Oldies 959", the station flipped formats from oldies to classic hits on January 17, 2005[14] WGRQ had broadcast Virginia Tech Hokies football games as a longtime member of the Virginia Tech Sports Network before transitioning to Virginia Cavaliers football broadcasts in September 2009[6][15][16]

Studio controversy / facilities changes

The station was involved in controversy when a rival broadcasting company complained to the FCC in July 2001 that WGRQ's main studios were located too far from the station's city of license, a violation of FCC regulations which required the distance be 25 miles 40 km or less[17] WGRQ acknowledged that its studios were 288 miles 463 km from the center of Colonial Beach, Virginia, but successfully asserted that it was in compliance with the law because "unique terrain" kept the studio location within the station's "principal community contour"[17][18]

In August 2005, Telemedia Broadcasting applied for a "main studio waiver" which would have allowed them to relocate their broadcast studios even farther from the center of Colonial Beach[19] The new site, 25 miles 40 km farther from the city center, would have allowed the station to eliminate a 100-foot tower built for the studio-transmitter link, a point of contention with the Spotsylvania County Planning Commission[20] The FCC denied this application on September 20, 2005[19]

In January 2010, Telemedia Broadcasting applied to the FCC to change WGRQ's city of license from Colonial Beach to Fairview Beach, Virginia[14][21] Fairview Beach is a census-designated place in King George County, Virginia, roughly 15 miles 24 km WNW of Colonial Beach and significantly closer to the primary market of Fredericksburg The FCC authorized the change on April 27, 2010[21] On April 2, 2013, WGRQ received approval to begin transmitting from a tower located off US Route 1 just south of Fredericksburg[22]


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