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West Midlands bus route 8

west midlands bus route 80, west midlands bus route 8 schedule
The Birmingham Inner Circle is a roughly circular bus route in Birmingham, England1 It follows the city's middle ring road with some small deviations on parts of the routeThe service dates back to the days of Birmingham City Transport


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Like the Outer Circle service 11, buses on the 8 travel both anti-clockwise 8A and clockwise 8C2 The service is operated by National Express West Midlands with Scania OmniLink single deck buses, and was formerly operated by Mercedes-Benz O405N buses, several of which were branded for the Inner Circle3

In 2004, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre staged the musical "Ridin' The Number 8" by Laurie Hornsby and Euan Rose, in which a cast of 'Brummie' characters board an Inner Circle bus and reminisce about the people and places they encounter along the route4


Anti -clockwise from Saltley Gate, Alum Rock Opposite direction for clockwise5

  • Saltley Gate/ Alum Rock interchange
  • Nechells
  • Newtown interchange A34
  • Hockley interchange
  • Jewellery Quarter
  • Five Ways interchange Broad Street, Birmingham
  • Lee Bank
  • Highgate
  • Sparkbrook interchange
  • Small Heath interchange
  • Bordesley interchange
  • Saltley Gate/ Alum Rock interchange


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MHanson, D Harvey and P Drake The Inner Circle - Birmingham's No 8 Bus Route Tempus 2002

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