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Waterways, Oxford

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The Waterways is housing estate in North Oxford, England The Oxford Canal runs through the centre of the estate and it is bounded on the east by the Cherwell Valley railway line12 To the west beyond the railway line are Port Meadow and the River Thames The estate begins in the south as a continuation of Frenchay Road, part of Victorian North Oxford, and as Elizabeth Jennings Way connects with the Woodstock Road A4144 at the northern end of the estate

South of the estate a Town Green area called The Trap Grounds is a delightfully muddy wetland full of wildlife The wetland is fed by the watercourse that runs through the estate from the 'lake' that was originally one of the North Oxford clay pits

The estate was built between 2000 and 2006, on the site of the British Motor Corporation's former Osberton Radiator Factory3 There is a Waterways Residents Association WRA4 which represents everyone living on the estate, The Waterways Management Company WMC manages most of the public areas and leasehold properties on the Estate and represents the interests of the property owners

The two main roads on the development cross the canal via modern, red brick bridges on Frenchay Road and Elizabeth Jennings Way These bridges were painted with a series of murals in 2016 showing local history and wildlife and featuring drawings by local children56 The project was organised by local residents supported by The Canal and Riverside Trust C&RT, Oxford City and County Councils, Thames Valley Police and the local boater community, with funding from Tesco 'Bags of Help'7


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