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Vijay Sampla

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Vijay Sampla born 6 July 1961, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment in India, is a member of parliament from Hoshiarpur Lok Sabha constituency He won the Indian general election, 2014 as a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate56

Sampla, a 53-year-old7 leader from Punjab, has worked as farm hand, labourer and plumber8

Sampla, who studied till Class 10, joined the party in 1998 He is the second minister from Punjab after Akali Dal's Harsimrat Kaur Badal His political journey began after he was elected the Sarpanch or head of his Sofi village Jalandhar District9 He has held several key posts in the BJP's Punjab unit10

When he was a 27-year-old bereaved dalit, Sampla was trying to find his feet against the oppressive landlords of Jalandhar's Sofi Pind His brother and he were left to fend for themselves after their father's death and Sampla went off to Saudi Arabia in 1979 to work for a plumbing company11

On his swearing-in as BJP's first minister from Punjab in NDA-II, he says, "I often recall one incident that shaped my life While I was in Saudi Arabian city of Damam, I was asked to clean human excreta and repair a bathroom I was young and flatly refused to do the cleaning part while telling the building owner that I was a plumber On my insistence, the man put on plastic gloves and cleaned the muck himself It taught me the difference between oppression against dalits and the will to work", Sampla recalled12


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