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Vijay Kumar Pandey

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Vijay Kumar Pandey is professional media personality of Nepali television He hosts popular program called Dishanirdesh He started his TV career from the show called Andhyaro Ujyalo in 1987 which aired on Nepal Television Pandey’s illustrious career had begun with the NTV show Andhyaro Ujyalo in 1987, followed by several other television projects, as well as a stint on radio with the talk programme Sanibaar Vijay Kumar Sanga on Kantipur FM He was also the founding editor of Nepal Magazine and has long been a columnist at Kantipur daily, as well as a consultant editor at Kantipur Television The debut book 'Khusi' penned by one of the most dominant figures in Nepalese media was launched by Namkha Rinpoche on 12 September 2014 in Kathmandu Nepal’s most prestigious literary award Madan Puraskar for 2015 has been awarded to Vijay Kumar for his book 'Khushi'


  • Khushi - 2014


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