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The Vietnamese Wikipedia Vietnamese: Wikipedia tiếng Việt is the Vietnamese-language edition of Wikipedia, a free, publicly editable, online encyclopedia supported by the Wikimedia Foundation As with other language editions of Wikipedia, the project's content is both created and accessed using the MediaWiki wiki software The Vietnamese Wikipedia's primary competitor is the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Vietnam Từ điển Bách khoa toàn thư Việt Nam, a state-funded encyclopedic dictionary also available online


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As of November 2016, it has about 1,150,000 articles It is the largest Wikipedia in a non-European language, as well as the largest for a language which is official in only one country However, it has only 375,000 articles manually created, 67% of its articles having been made by bots, and thus ranks 3rd among non-European language Wikipedias after the Japanese and Chinese ones

This also makes the article depth 274 of the edition lower than the Japanese 764 and the Chinese 1658 editions, which both have fewer articles It also has fewer active users, with 1,430 11,937 and 6,437 for the Japanese and Chinese versions, respectively


The Vietnamese Wikipedia initially went online in November 2002, with a front page and an article about the Internet Society The project received little attention and did not begin to receive significant contributions until it was "restarted" in October 2003 and the newer, Unicode-capable MediaWiki software was installed soon after

By August 2008, the Vietnamese Wikipedia had grown to more than 50,000 articles – a milestone it achieved on August 26 – approximately 432 of which were created by bots By the time the project reached the 100,000-article milestone on September 12, 2009, bot-generated articles made up around 5% of its corpus Short articles are designated "stubs"; such articles number in the tens of thousands and include most of the bot-generated articles

An experimental Wikipedia edition in the obsolete chữ Nôm script began in October 2006 at the Wikimedia Incubator It was deleted in April 2010 An unrelated wiki encyclopedia project, VinaWiki, transliterates Vietnamese Wikipedia articles into chữ Nôm as part of a project to revive the script

The Vietnamese Wikipedia's article count reached 500,000 on 28 September 2012 and 1,000,000 on 15 June 2014


The Vietnamese Wikipedia uses AVIM, a JavaScript-based input method that allows the user to type accented Vietnamese text in popular input methods, such as Telex, VNI and VIQR See Vietnamese language and computers The preferred input system can be selected using a box under the sidebar

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