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Victorian Open

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The Victorian Open is an annual golf tournament held in Australia It was founded in 1957 and is the Victoria state open championship It is a Golf Australia national ranking event Since 2012 it has been held concurrently with the Women's Victorian Open

Since 2009, the Victorian Open had been a Tier 2 event on the PGA Tour of Australasia schedule, having previously been part of the Von Nida Tour However, in 2017 it became a Tier 1 event attracting a minimum of 16 world ranking points for the winner, compared to the previous minimum of 6 The New South Wales Open had become a Tier 1 event in 2016


PGA Tour of Australasia event 272
−16 2 strokes Adam Bland
Jake McLeod
2016 Michael Long  New Zealand 13th Beach Golf Links 275 −13 Playoff Matthew Millar
2015 Richard Green  Australia 13th Beach Golf Links 272 −16 Playoff Nick Cullen
Oates Victorian Open Championship
2014 Matthew Griffin  Australia 13th Beach Golf Links 281 −7 Playoff Matthew Stieger
Victorian Open Championship
2013 Matthew Giles  Australia 13th Beach Golf Links 275 −13 1 stroke Nathan Holman a
Ryan Lynch
2012 Scott Arnold  Australia Spring Valley 272 −12 1 stroke Kurt Barnes
2011 Paul Sheehan  Australia Spring Valley 276 −8 2 strokes Matthew Griffin
Subaru Victorian Open
2010 Jason Norris  Australia Spring Valley 274 −10 2 strokes Chris Campbell
2009 Ashley Hall  Australia Spring Valley 278 −10 2 strokes Scott Laycock
Craig Scott
Von Nida Tour event
Year Winner Country Score Venue
2008 No tournament
2007 Kim Felton  Australia 280 Woodlands
2006 David Diaz  Australia 202nb 1 Woodlands
2005 Kurt Barnes  Australia 204nb 1 Woodlands
2004 Gareth Paddison  New Zealand 204nb 1 Woodlands
2003 No tournament
PGA Tour of Australasia event
Year Winner Country Score Venue
2002 Andre Stolz  Australia 274 Sorrento / Portsea
2001 Scott Laycock  Australia 270 Cranbourne
2000 Brad Lamb  Australia 278 Cranbourne
1999 Kenny Druce  Australia 275 Victoria
1998 Brad King  Australia 272 Victoria
1997 Stephen Leaney  Australia 280 Victoria
1996 No tournament
1995 Stephen Leaney  Australia 283 Victoria
1994 Patrick Burke  United States 278 Victoria
1993 Lucas Parsons  Australia 276 Woodlands
1992 Ian Stanley  Australia 284 Woodlands
1991 Robert Allenby Am  Australia 287 Woodlands
1990 No tournament
1989 Michael Clayton  Australia 285 Kingston Heath
1988 Jim Benepe  United States 282 Kingston Heath
1987 Roger Mackay  Australia 277 Kingston Heath
1986 Ossie Moore  Australia 280 Yarra Yarra
1985 Ian Baker-Finch  Australia 279 Yarra Yarra
1984 Greg Norman  Australia 281 Metropolitan
1983 Bob Shearer  Australia 282 Metropolitan
1982 Michael Clayton  Australia 281 Metropolitan
1981 Bill Dunk  Australia 277 Metropolitan
1980 Guy Wolstenholme  Australia 282 Metropolitan
1979 Rodger Davis  Australia 291 Kingston Heath
1978 Guy Wolstenholme  Australia 284 Metropolitan
1977 Geoffrey Parslow  Australia 275 Yarra Yarra
1976 Guy Wolstenholme  Australia 281 Kingston Heath
1975 Stewart Ginn  Australia 283 Metropolitan
1974 John Davis  Australia 284 Huntingdale
1973 Peter Thomson  Australia 284 Yarra Yarra
1972 Walter Godfrey  New Zealand 283 Commonwealth
1971 Guy Wolstenholme  Australia 289 Woodlands
1970 David Graham  Australia 273 Riversdale
1969 Kel Nagle  Australia 279 Kingston Heath
1968 Peter Thomson  Australia 288 Huntingdale
1967 Kel Nagle  Australia 283 Yarra Yarra
1966 Frank Phillips  Australia 284 Riversdale
1965 Alan Murray  Australia 291 Royal Melbourne
1964 Frank Phillips  Australia 278 Victoria
1963 Bruce Devlin  Australia 286 Kingswood
1962 Bruce Devlin  Australia 293 Huntingdale
1961 Alan Murray  Australia 290 Commonwealth
1960 Jack Harris  Australia 282 Metropolitan
1959 Gary Player  South Africa 275 Yarra Yarra
1958 Peter Thomson  Australia 289 Kingston Heath
1957 Ossie Pickworth  Australia 282 Riversdale
  1. ^ a b c Tournament played over 54 holes from 2004–06

In 2016 Long beat Millar with a birdie at the first extra hole In 2015 Green beat Cullen with a birdie at the second extra hole In 2014 Griffin beat Stieger with a birdie at the third extra hole

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  • Official website
  • Coverage on PGA Tour of Australasia's official site
  • Coverage on Golf Victoria's official site

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