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Víctor Israel

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Víctor Israel born José María Soler Vilanova 13 June 1929 – 19 September 2009 was a Spanish film actor He appeared in more than 140 films, beginning in 1961

Selected filmography

  • Savage Guns 1961
  • The Lovely Lola 1962
  • Circus World uncredited 1964
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966 - Sergeant at Confederate Fort uncredited
  • Seven Guns for the MacGregors 1966
  • Yankee 1966
  • White Comanche 1968
  • The House That Screamed 1969
  • Cry Chicago 1969
  • Long Live the Bride and Groom 1970
  • Catlow 1971
  • The Light at the Edge of the World 1971
  • His Name Was Holy Ghost 1972
  • Horror Express 1972
  • Ricco the Mean Machine 1973
  • Even Angels Eat Beans 1973
  • The Marriage Revolution 1974
  • What Changed Charley Farthing 1974
  • The Werewolf and the Yeti 1975
  • From Hong Kong with Love 1975
  • Hell of the Living Dead 1980


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  • Víctor Israel at AllMovie

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