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Václav Bělohradský

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Václav Bělohradský born January 17, 1944 Prague is one of the most famous contemporary Czech philosophers and sociologists A graduate in philosophy and Czech from Charles University, Prague, he has lived in Italy since 1970, where he is currently Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Trieste He is said to be a successor of Jan Patočka He is a representative of biocentrism, which he developed to refusing anthropocentric overestimation of symbol and culture He also thinks we need to step back from "us" to be able to lay foundations of new and freer society He co-participated with Chantal Mouffe and Slavoj Žižek at Monument to Transformation

He currently lives in Gorizia, Italy


  • Interpretazioni italiane di Wittgenstein, Milan, 1972
  • Ragionamento, azione, società Sociologia della conoscenza in Vilfredo Pareto, Milan, 1974
  • Il mondo della vita: un problema politico, Milan 1981
  • Krize eschatologie neosobnosti, London, 1982, 1984
  • Myslet zeleň světa Rozhovor s K Hvížďalou, 1985, 1991
  • Kapitalismus a občanské ctnosti, 1992
  • Mezi světy & mezisvěty, 1997
  • Společnost nevolnosti, 2007

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  • Watch film with Václav Bělohradský "Bye Bye Shanghai" at wwwdafilmscom

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