UTC+09:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +09

During Japan occupations of Borneo, Burma, Hong Kong, Dutch East Indies, Malaya, Philippines, Singapore, and French Indochina, it was used as a common time with Tokyo until the fall of Empire of Japan


  • 1 As daylight saving time Northern Hemisphere summer
    • 11 East Asia
  • 2 As standard time all year round
    • 21 North Asia
    • 22 East Asia
    • 23 Oceania
    • 24 Southeast Asia
  • 3 See also
  • 4 References

As daylight saving time Northern Hemisphere summeredit

East Asiaedit

  •  Mongolia most of the country - Time in Mongolia

As standard time all year roundedit

North Asiaedit

  • Russia - Yakutsk Time

East Asiaedit

  •  Japan - Japan Standard Time
  •  South Korea - Korea Standard Time


  •  Palau
  •  East Timor - Time in East Timor

Southeast Asiaedit

  •  Indonesia eastern - Indonesia Eastern Time
    • Moluccas
    • Papua and West Papua Indonesian New Guinea

See alsoedit

  • Singapore Standard Time
  • Time in Cambodia
  • Time in Indonesia
  • Time in Laos
  • Time in Malaysia
  • Time in the Philippines
  • Time in Russia
  • Time in Vietnam
  • Japan Standard Time
  • Korea Standard Time


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