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University of Hradec Králové

university of hradec králové, university of hradec králové faculty of science
University of Hradec Králové in Czech Univerzita Hradec Králové, in Latin Universitas Reginaegradecensis was founded on June 21, 2000 by renaming the University College of Education Vysoká škola pedagogická, which itself traces its roots back to 1959 It is attended by around 8,500 students

It belongs to one of the most important education and research institutions in the Eastern Bohemia

The current rector of the university is prof RNDr Josef Hynek, MBA, PhD1


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Training of future teachers in Hradec Králové has a long tradition and dates back to 1775 In 1959 Institute of Education Pedagogický institut was established which prepared students to a teaching at both levels of elementary school In August 1964 a separate Faculty of Education Pedagogická fakulta originated by merging the Institute of Education in Hradec Králové and in Pardubice Students' training for all education level was enabled only after 1976 by a higher-education reform

After the Velvet revolution 1989 some former staff from 1960's returned to the faculty and an international cooperation with other universities has been established

On February 15, 1993 a new faculty was added to the Faculty of Education – the Faculty of Management and Information Technologies Fakulta řízení a informační technologie, which was in 2000 renamed to the Faculty of Informatics and Management Fakulta informatiky a managementu In the same year the name of the university was changed to the University of Hradec Králové

The modern building of the Building of Common Education Objekt společné výuky – in 1998 awarded by Czech architects as "The Building of Year" – was accompanied by long expected and high-technology building of the Faculty of Informatics and Management which required an investment of 360 billions CZK It is situated next to the Building of Common Education

On September 1, 2005 the Faculty of Arts commenced as the third faculty of the university

Five years later, on September 1, 2010, the Faculty of Science Přírodovědecká fakulta was established following a transformation of the Faculty of Education

Last expansion took place on January 1, 2011 when the Institute of Social Work Ústav sociální práce was founded It offers specializations in social sciences that were formerly provided by the Faculty of Education


Currently the university consists of the following 5 units:

  • Faculty of Education Pedagogická fakulta, PdF 1, around 5,300 students 2
  • Faculty of Informatics and Management Fakulta informatiky a managementu, FIM 2, around 2,400 students 2
  • Faculty of Arts Filozofická fakulta, FF 3, around 1,000 students 2
  • Faculty of Science Přírodovědecká fakulta, PřF 4, establıshed in 2010
  • Institute of Social Work Ústav sociální práce, ÚSP 5, established in 2011

The long-term strategic mission of the university is not only to enhance its internal structure, but also to focus on investment projects which are efficiently carried out by a gradual construction of the university campus in the Na Soutoku area3 The upcoming plans include a construction of a building for natural and social science specialization with laboratories that will complete and close up the center of a newly emerging campus

In 2010 a brand new unified professional visual style 4 has been introduced that presents the university as a modern, dynamic institution

All parts of the university are located in Hradec Králové, capital of the Hradec Králové Region

Two student dormitories, Palach Halls of Residence Palachovy koleje 6 and Vít Nejedlý Halls of Residence Koleje Víta Nejedlého 7 have capacity over 900 beds 8

University Managementedit

Rector: prof RNDr Josef Hynek, MBA, PhD

Prorector for Strategy and Development: PaedDr Monika Žumárová, PhD

Prorector for Creative Activities and External Relations: prof RNDr PhDr Antonín Slabý, CSc

Prorector for Internal Affairs: PhDr Dana Musilová, CSc

Bursar: Ing Stanislav Klik, PhD

Chancellor: PhDr Ondřej Tikovský, PhD

Head of the Academic Senate: Mgr Václav Víška, PhD

Symbols of Universityedit

Rector's Sceptre designed by MgA Jan Hásek is shaped as a linden leaf, in the centre of which a shiny golden ball is situated There is a silver lion a symbol of the city of Hradec Králové standing at the top of it The sceptre has been given to the university by the city of Hradec Králové

Statutory emblem is made up by a central crowned Czech lion 5 looking heraldically left and holding in its forepaws large "G" letter The figure also represents a part of the city of Hradec Králové emblem In the circular inscription the full title of the university in Latin is written

Other University Unitsedit

  • The University Library of UHK Univerzitní knihovna UHK 6
  • The Gaudeamus Publishing House Nakladatelství Gaudeamus
  • Halls of Residence Administration Správa vysokoškolských kolejí
  • Institute of Further Education UHK Institut dalšího vzdělávání UHK
  • Consulting Centre UHK Poradenské centrum UHK

Associated institutionsedit

  • Augustin - a support centre for students with specific needs 7
  • Klídek Centre 8
  • Academic Film Club
  • Student Historic Club
  • Student Clus Salaš - academic religious services 9
  • ESN Buddy System HK - an organization taking care of incoming exchange students, a part of the Erasmus Student Network 10


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External linksedit

  • University website
  • UHK forum
  • Photos of all buildings and location map
  • ESN Buddy System HK

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