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Uniform memory access

uniform memory access, non-uniform memory access (numa)
Uniform memory access UMA is a shared memory architecture used in parallel computers All the processors in the UMA model share the physical memory uniformly In a UMA architecture, access time to a memory location is independent of which processor makes the request or which memory chip contains the transferred data Uniform memory access computer architectures are often contrasted with non-uniform memory access NUMA architectures In the UMA architecture, each processor may use a private cache Peripherals are also shared in some fashion The UMA model is suitable for general purpose and time sharing applications by multiple users It can be used to speed up the execution of a single large program in time-critical applications1


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Types of architecturesedit

There are three types of UMA architectures:

  • UMA using bus-based symmetric multiprocessing SMP architectures;
  • UMA using crossbar switches;
  • pacifique memory access


In April 2013, the term hUMA heterogeneous uniform memory access began to appear in AMD promotional material to refer to CPU and GPU sharing the same system memory via cache coherent views Advantages include an easier programming model and less copying of data between separate memory pools2

See alsoedit

  • Non-uniform memory access
  • Cache-only memory architecture
  • Heterogeneous System Architecture


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  2. ^ Peter Bright AMD's "heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access" coming this year in Kaveri, Ars Technica, April 30, 2013

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Uniform memory access

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Uniform memory access
Uniform memory access
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