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Uganda Investment Authority

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The Uganda Investment Authority UIA is a semi-autonomous investment promotion and facilitation organisation in Uganda and is owned by the government of Uganda


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The headquarters of UIA are located at The Investment Center, TWED Plaza, 22B Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Hill, in central Kampala The coordinates of the head office are:0°19'180"N, 32°34'350"E Latitude:0321667; Longitude:32576400 The agency maintains a national network of UIA District Focal Point Offices, throughout Uganda


The UIA was created by the Ugandan Parliament in 1991 The mission of the UIA is to promote and facilitate investment projects, provide serviced land, and advocate for a competitive business environment The UIA works with the government and the private sector to promote the economic growth of Uganda through investment and infrastructure development In 2016, the UIA was transferred from the finance ministry to the Uganda Ministry of Trade and Industry

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  • Uganda Securities Exchange


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  • Uganda Investment Authority Website

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