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Uganda Development Bank Limited

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The Uganda Development Bank Limited UDBL is a government-owned development bank in Uganda


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UDBL began operating in 1972 and was the first development finance institution established by the government of Uganda The main objective of UDBL is to promote and finance development in various sectors of the economy with particular emphasis on agriculture, industry, tourism, housing, and commerce As of December 2016, UDBL's total assets were valued at UGX:2264 billion, with a loan book valued at UGX:1835 billion At that time, the shareholders' equity was valued at UGX:156,541,284,000


UBDL was established in 1972 The political leadership in Uganda changed in 1979, and UDBL was then able to obtain large credits from external financiers, like the African Development Bank, the International Development Association, the European Investment Bank, the European Economic Community, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, and the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa Banque Arabe pour le Développement Economique en Afrique BADEA With these funds, UDBL's focus shifted to financing medium and long term projects in agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism Between 1997 and 2001, the bank was restructured, recapitalized, and re-organized as a limited liability company, wholly owned by the government of Uganda

The future

As of September 2013, the bank had re-organized and repositioned itself to play a larger and more visible role in Uganda's development finance It has developed a medium-term recapitalization plan 2013-2017 that will increase shareholder's equity from the current UGX:100 billion US$40 million, to UGX:500 billion US$200 million

Its growth plan has been streamlined to harmonize with Uganda's National Development Plan NDP and with Vision 2040 Vision 2040 aims to transform Ugandan society from a peasant population to a modern and prosperous country by the year 2040 Some of the development partners that UDBL is working with include the Kuwait Fund, the African Export-Import Bank, BADEA, and the Islamic Development Bank


UDB's services include short term loans, medium term loans, long term loans, equity investments, trade finance loans, and bank guarantees

Board of directors

As of December 2015, UDBL's board of directors consisted of:

  • Samuel Sejjaaka - Chairman
  • Charles Victor Byaruhanga
  • Stephen Isabalija
  • Nimrod Waniala
  • Henry Balwanyi Magino
  • Silvia Angey Ufoyuru


As of August 2017, UDB's management team was:

  • Patricia Ojangole - chief executive officer
  • Joshua Allan Mwesiga - director, human resource & administration
  • Denis Owens Ochieng - director of finance
  • Ladislao Ategeka - director development finance
  • Andrew Muluubya - director, management information systems
  • Stephen Hamya - chief internal auditor
  • Francesca Kakooza - bank secretary


According to a 2013 published report, an audit by Uganda's auditor general revealed financial impropriety by board members and senior managers at UDBL, leading to financial loss Both the board and management team involved in the fraud have been terminated and the investigation continued as of June 2014

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uganda development bank limited, uganda development bank limited latest career opportunities

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