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UGAFODE Microfinance Limited

ugafode microfinance limited, ugafode microfinance limited (mdi)
UGAFODE Microfinance Limited, commonly called UGAFODE, is a microfinance deposit-accepting institution MDI in Uganda It is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator


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The headquarters of UGAFODE are located at 62 Silva Arcade, Bombo Road in the central business district of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city The coordinates of UGAFODE headquarters are:0°19'420"N, 32°34'260"E Latitude:0328322; Longitude:32573889


UGAFODE was the fourth MDI in Uganda Application was made to the Bank of Uganda for the issuance of an MDI banking license In October 2011, a Tier III MDI licence was granted, and MDI operations began on 10 October 2011

As of March 2014, the institution's total assets were about US$1007 million UGX:2534 billion, with shareholders' equity of about US$225 million UGX:566 billion


UGAFODE was founded in 1994 as the Uganda Agency for Development Limited, a non-governmental organization whose primary objective was to provide affordable financial services to its customers In September 2010, in preparation to become an MDI, UGAFODE Microfinance Limited was incorporated as a limited company

In 2011, the institution accepted eight new shareholders, including Ezra Suruma, Uganda minister of finance from 2005 until 2009 and senior adviser for finance and planning to the President of Uganda Suruma also had an ownership interest in the National Bank of Commerce Uganda, a Tier I commercial bank, which was closed in 2012

Branch network

As of December 2013, the institution maintained branches at the following locations, arranged alphabetically:

  1. Bombo Road Branch - Silva Arcade, 62 Bombo Road, Kampala Main Branch
  2. Ibanda Branch - Adam's Building, Main Street, Ibanda
  3. Ishaka Branch - 33 Rukungiri Road, Ishaka
  4. Kagadi Branch - 241-242 Isunga Road, Kagadi
  5. Kyotera Branch - 184-753 Mutukula Road, Kyotera
  6. Lira Branch - Plot 8A, Soroti Road, Lira
  7. Lyantonde Branch - 215-76 Main Street, Lyantonde
  8. Mbarara Branch - 23 Bananuka Drive, Mbarara
  9. Mpigi Branch - Continental House, Mpigi
  10. Nkrumah Road Branch - 11/13 Nkrumah Road, Kampala
  11. Ntungamo Branch - 69A Kabale Road, Ntungamo
  12. Rubaga Road Branch - 22 Namirembe Road, Kampala
  13. Rukungiri Branch - 5 Rubabo Road, Rukungiri
  14. Lira Branch - Plot 8A Soroti Road, Lira, Lira

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  • List of Financial Institutions Supervised By Bank of Uganda
  • UGAFODE Microfinance Limited Homepage

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