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TVBS Media Inc began its broadcast through satellite DTH and local cable systems on September 28, 1993citation needed As the first privately owned broadcaster, it broke the decades-long oligopoly of the three state-owned terrestrial television stations in the Taiwan market TVBS currentlywhen operates five television channels, which are TVBS’ 56 Channel, TVBS News, TVBS Entertainment, TVSB-Asia overseas, TVB8 MOD

“Innovation and Justice” are the core values of TVBS Media Inc It established of Taiwan’s first entertainment variety channel, TVBS-G,citation needed and the country’s first 24-hour news channel, TVBS-News

TVBS Media Inc was the first network to go full HD, from filming to production to broadcast It was the first to introduce 4K cameras paired with movie-quality lenses to film and produce its dramas, programs, and news special reports

TVBS Media Inc has won several Golden Bell awardscitation needed TVBS News’ ratings consistently lead other networkscitation needed


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TVBS channelsedit

TVBS operates four channels:

  • TVBS
  • TVBS Entertainment Channel
  • TVBS-Asia


  • Government Information Office GIO Taiwan head Pasuya Yao claims TVBS violated Taiwan media ownership laws, requiring that a foreign juristic person should not directly own majority shares of local satellite channels On November 1, 2005, the announced a fine of NT$1 million against TVBS and ordered that it comply with the ownership rules in a practical timeframe, and afterwards TVBS appealed to Executive Yuan against Yao's decision TVBS stated that TVB held majority ownership of the company by a local juristic person Executive Yuan announced that TVBS's ownership models is legal and GIO are required to return the fine
  • Bitumen duck incident 瀝青鴨事件: happened on December 29, 2006 Although TVBS apologized, the incident had already caused damage to the duck industry1
  • Chou Cheng-pao Video Tape incident 周政保影帶事件: happened on March 26, 2007234 On March 30, the NCC fined TVBS a total of two million New Taiwan dollars and required TVBS to replace the general manager5

See alsoedit

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  • List of Taiwanese television series


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External linksedit

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  • in English Chuang, Jimmy; Shan, Shelley 29 Mar 2007 "Gangster footage shot by TVBS reporter" Taipei Times p 1 
  • in English The Star: “Taiwan reporters fired over TV gangster video”, 2007-03-29
  • in English ic Wales: “Taiwanese gangster threatens to kill rival”, 2007-03-27
  • in English Earthtimes: “Man's TV threat proves costly”, 2007-03-29

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