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Tupinambis rufescens

tupinambis rufescens, tupinambis rufescens)
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The Argentine red tegu, Tupinambis rufescens, often referred to as simply red tegu, is one of the largest species of the Tupinambis lizards It is found in western Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay


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As hatchlings, most red tegus display little, if any, red coloration They are typically brownish-green with black strips across their width and several broken white stripes down their length They develop red coloration as they mature; males are usually brighter than females[1][2] Adult females can reach 91 cm just under 3 ft in length Males are significantly larger, reaching up to 140 cm 45 ft and developing large jowls


The red tegu grows rapidly, typically reaching maturity in two to three years It is not uncommon for well-fed juveniles to experience growth spurts of more than an inch per week


The red tegu is a very opportunistic feeder Wild specimens will eat a variety of plant and animal matter: fruits, vegetables, insects, rodents, birds, and fish Red tegus raised in captivity will often be more picky eaters, especially as juveniles, and may prefer a diet of mostly meat

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  1. ^ Bartlett, R, & Bartlett, P 1996 Monitors, Tegus, and Related Lizards Barron’s Educational Series
  2. ^ Pianka, E R 2006 Lizards: Windows to the Evolution of Diversity University of California Press

tupinambis rufescens, tupinambis rufescens)

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Tupinambis rufescens

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