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TTS Group ASA OSE: TTS Bergen-headquartered TTS is a global enterprise that designs, develops and supplies equipment for the marine and oil and gas industries As of 1 October 2009 the operations are split into three separate divisions: Marine, Energy and Port and Logistics

TTS is one of the top three largest suppliers in its specialised market segments

TTS is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and the group's annual turnover is in the region of NOK 3200m

With a worldwide workforce of around 1100, TTS has over 40 years of experience in the marine industry The group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Germany, US, China, Finland, Korea, Poland, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Canada, Singapore, Italy, Greece and Brazil

The group's activities primarily involve design, assembly and testing of equipment, while, apart from manufacture of certain key components, production is undertaken by a global network of subcontractors The company headquarters is in Bergen, Norway

TTS was founded in 1966 and has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 1995

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