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Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten

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The Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten Tsingtau Sin Pau was a German-language newspaper published in Qingdao from 1904 to 1914 Fritz Seeker was the editor[1]

The newspaper served the locals in Qingdao and various German companies in the Far East[2] The newspaper reported on the management of the Kiautschou Bay concession, activity of Western powers in East Asia, and the methods and trades of Christian missionaries[3] When World War I broke out, the Japanese took over Qingdao and the publishing of German newspapers ended[1]


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    • Also available at Archive the website of the Queens Library - This version does not include the footnotes visible in the Walter de Gruyter version
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  1. ^ a b Walravens, p 91 "Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten 1904-1914, daily; edited by Fritz Seeker," "The outbreak of World War I led to a close-down of German publishing in Tsingtau as the Japanese took over there"
  2. ^ United States Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, p 188 "Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten, Tsingtau Daily evening newspaper, in German Advertising rates vary from $150 Mexican per inch to a single insertion to $25 for the same space for a year; discounts for a larger space Annual subscription price, local, $15; foreign, 30 marks $714 United States currency Circulation not stated, but paper reaches various German firms throughout the Far East and the local population"
  3. ^ Kim, p 18 "Insbesondere die in Tsingtau erschienene deutschsprachige Zeitung „Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten" mit ihren Berichten über die Aktivitäten der westlichen Großmächte in Ostasien, über die Verwaltung des deutschen Gouvernements Kiautschou, den Handel und die vor Ort tätigen christliche Mission erwies sich als eine wichtige Quelle" - The footnote says "Diese Zeitungen zwar fuer die deutschen Leser bestimmt, aber beinhalten auch einige kritische Artikel, die von Chinakennem wie Richard Wilhelm oder dem erfahrenen deutschen Dolemstcher Heinrich Mootz gescrieben wurden"

Further reading

  • Kreissler, François L'Action culturelle allemande en Chine: de la fin du XIXe siècle à la Seconde guerre mondiale Les Editions de la MSH FR, 1989 ISBN 2735102777, 9782735102778 - "Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten" mentioned in pages 73, 86-88

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  • Tsingtauer Neueste Nachrichten, Berlin State Library

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