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True Love Story (film)

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True Love Story is a 2014 Indian animation short film written and directed by Gitanjali Rao The silent film is a coming-of-age romance film set in streets of Mumbai, where a flower-seller falls in love with a bar dancer, that too in Bollywood-fantasy style

In February 2014, the film won the Golden Conch Best Animation Film Award at the 2014 Mumbai International Film Festival MIFF At the 2014 Cannes Film Festival the film was one of 10 selected short films at Critics' Week

Her debut animation short, Printed Rainbow 2006 had won the Kodak Short Film Award, Small Golden Rail and the Young Critics Award at Critics Week section at Cannes in 2006 The film has also won the Golden Conch for Best Animation Film in the 2006 Mumbai International Film Festival


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