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Trubion was a publicly held biopharmaceutical company that was focused on creating a pipeline of protein-based therapeutic product candidates to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and cancer Trubion was acquired by Emergent BioSolutions on October 28, 20101 Trubion was established in 1999 in the State of Washington as an early stage development company, and was later reincorporated in October 2002 in the State of Delaware

In December 2005, Trubion entered into a collaborative agreement with Wyeth2 for the development and worldwide commercialization of CD20-directed therapeutics The agreement also included the development and worldwide commercialization of certain other product candidates directed to targets other than CD20 The research portion of Trubion’s contract with Wyeth extended through December 22, 2009

Former product pipelineedit

Name Platform Indication Status Collaboration Research
TRU-015 SMIP Rheumatoid arthritis Phase 2b Wyeth Phase 2b initiation3

EULAR data4

SBI-087 SMIP Rheumatoid arthritis Phase 1 Wyeth Recent data5
SBI-087 SMIP Systemic lupus erythematosus Phase 1 Wyeth
TRU-016 SMIP Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Phase 1/2 Trubion Proprietary Technology ASCO 2008 Poster Presentation6
TRU-016 SMIP Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Pre-clinical Trubion Proprietary Technology
TRU-016 SMIP Autoimmune disease and inflammation Pre-clinical Trubion Proprietary Technology

Former technologyedit

Trubion’s product development efforts were focused on three technology pillars: SMIP protein therapeutics, SCORPION protein therapeutics, and TRU-ADhanCe potency enhancing technology for immunopharmaceuticals

SMIP, or small modular immunopharmaceutical, therapeutics are single chain polypeptides comprising one binding domain, one hinge domain and one effector domain designed in an effort to meet predetermined therapeutic specifications for specific diseases SMIP therapeutics are mono-specific they recognize and attach to single antigen targets and initiate biological activity Trubion worked on SMIP drug candidates that targeted validated antigens with the same specificity and predictable biological activity as mAbs

SCORPION protein therapeutics are also single chain polypeptides composed of functional domains from naturally occurring proteins The difference between SMIP and SCORPION technologies is that SCORPION compounds are multi-specific therapeutics that are capable of targeting two or more antigens simultaneously

TRU-ADhanCe potency enhancing technology was designed to enhance the potency of existing therapies that work through Fc-directed or antibody-directed cellular cytotoxicity, or ADCC TRU-ADhanCe technology could be applied late in development to established manufacturing lines and generate candidates with increased ADCC and longer in vivo half lives


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