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Trent Barton, stylised as trentbarton, is a bus operator based in Heanor, Derbyshire It is a subsidiary of the Wellglade Group


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Preserved Leyland National in Trent Motor Traction Company livery Barton Plaxton Supreme bodied Leyland Leopard in 1993 Optare Excel at Stockport bus station in August 2006 Wright Solar bodied Scania L94UB in September 2004

In October 1913 Trent Motor Traction Company1 was founded and commenced operating a bus service between Derby and Ashbourne In November 1913 a second service commenced to Stapleford By 1925 services were operating from Derby, Loughborough and Nottingham As services expanded the business grew to seven depots2

During the 1930s some 52 smaller operators were bought out In August 1949 Trent Motor Traction Company began to operate some services in partnership with Derby Corporation In 1958 following the opening of the A52 an express service commenced between Derby and Nottingham In 1969 the company became part of the National Bus Company2

As part of the privatisation of the bus industry Trent was sold in a management buyout In 1989 the business of neighbouring Barton Transport was purchased and placed into a separate legal entity3 even though both subsidiaries combined their operations on a day-to-day basis The separate Trent and Barton brands were brought together as 'trentbarton' in 20052

Trentbarton maintains a 6% shareholding in First Leicester45

Services and brandsedit

Trentbarton operate services from Loughborough, Ashbourne, Burton upon Trent, Chesterfield, Derby, Ilkeston, Mansfield, and Nottingham

On 24 July 2011, 'indigo' became the UK's first '24 hours a day – 7 days a week' commercial bus service and up until March 2012 it operated to East Midlands Airport and Loughborough when that section of the route was replaced by a revised 'Skylink Nottingham' service which runs between Nottingham and East Midlands Airport but at a faster time than the old indigo route

The company runs 'Connection' services from Nottingham to the suburbs of Calverton, Cotgrave and Keyworth As of July 23rd, two of the three connection services will be dropped, making Calverton Connection being the only connection service remaining A number of routes combined under the 'Rushcliffe Mainline' and 'Rushcliffe Villager' labels service Bingham and Radcliffe-on-Trent and other nearby villages

In Derby, Trentbarton run some urban services, such as the non-stop 'spondon flyer' service, and 'the mickleover' and 'the allestree' There are also a number of longer distance services for example 'swift' to Uttoxeter and 'the sixes' to Belper and Matlock with their unusual numbering system: 61, 62, 63, 64 and 6X 'the villager' services run south to Burton on Trent with the numbering system V1 and V3 plus a number of services run north towards Ilkeston and Heanor such as the 'black cat' and 'H1'

Trentbarton also operate a number of express services around the East Midlands These include:

  • 'red arrow' service from Nottingham to Derby
  • 'pronto' operated jointly with Stagecoach from Nottingham to Mansfield and Chesterfield
  • X38 operated jointly with Arriva Derby from Derby to Burton on Trent

Many of the more popular services within the network operate through to around 03:00 on Saturday and Sunday mornings

Most of the routes are branded with their own bus livery and name, with the route brand name registered as the service number Each brand is unique for the service they operate In the 1990s and 2000s Trent Barton ran a large number of 'rainbow routes', with frequent services running from Nottingham and Derby under route numbers such as 'R11, R12 and R13' from Nottingham to Eastwood and into Derbyshire, now known as 'rainbow one' or 'Rainbow Allestree' running from Derby to the village just outside town, now known as 'the allestree' Most of the rainbow routes were rebranded in the early 2000s leaving just 'Rainbow 1 to 5', running from 7 to 12 minutes from Nottingham to various suburban towns These were then rebranded leaving just 'rainbow one' as the remaining rainbow brand Trent Barton also operate a number of 'spare buses', in a red livery, advertising their products such as the 'MANGO' smartcard or the Zigzag day ticket These buses can operate any service if one of the usual vehicles are unavailable

High Peak Busesedit

Main article: High Peak Buses

In April 2012 Trentbarton entered a 50/50 joint venture with Centrebus This saw Trentbarton's Buxton operation combined with Bowers Coaches to form High Peak Buses678

The new company operates all services previously run by Bowers Coaches and the Buxton division of Trentbarton, including the Skyline 199 service from Buxton to Stockport and Manchester Airport, and Transpeak from Derby, Belper, Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton and Stockport to Manchester The service no longer serves Nottingham, this portion of route being removed in late 2012

Ticketing schemesedit

In June 2008 Trentbarton introduced 'MANGO', a prepaid touchless smartcard system developed in partnership with Init The system works by having an RFID smartcard with the user 'touching on' at the start of their journey and 'touching off' at the end This allows for exact fare pricing as the price is calculated by the GPS position of the bus Users of the 'MANGO' card pay 15% less than the normal cash single fare for their journey

The 'MANGO' system was initially tested on the company's Rainbow 4 now i4 and Indigo routes After this proved successful, trentbarton proceeded to extend the scheme to all of its services910


As at June 2017 the fleet consisted of 256 buses and 13 coaches11

The company operate a fleet of modern low floor vehicles, most of the fleet is branded for services although a number of buses are in a red livery with various advertisements advertising Trentbarton products such as their 'MANGO' smart card, ZigZag tickets and social media websites


Trentbarton operate out of depots in Belper, Derby, Matlock, Langley Mill, Nottingham and Sutton in Ashfield

See alsoedit

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