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Treaty of Paris (band)

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Treaty of Paris is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois The band consists of five members:Phil Kosch guitar, Dan Wade guitar/vocals, Alex Maier bass/vocals, Chris Insidioso drums and Mike Chorvat vocals, guitar, tambourine


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Treaty of Paris formed in January 2005 when Michael Chorvat, Dan Wade, Scott Hoeft and Brandon Capetillo of the local Chicago band Empyrean recruited Phil Kosch from the local Chicago band Saraphine The name Treaty of Paris was originally a fake name the band used at their first show with Kosch in order to downplay the fact that he was leaving his current band, but they decided to keep it because it was easy to remember Hoeft would later leave the group and was replaced by Chris Insidioso from Chicago hardcore group Rollo Tomasi Their first release was the EP Behind Our Calm Demeanors, released in September 2005 tracks from Behind Our Calm Demeanors received significant airplay in Chicago, and the EP sold well locally The group toured the US extensively over the next two years

In 2006, the band toured extensively throughout the US, opening for Ludo and Quietdrive and self-releasing an acoustic EP titled, "Handclaps Revisited"

Teaming up with Andrew McMahon of the bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, the group recorded their full-length debut, Sweet Dreams, Sucker, in Burbank, California, which was released on McMahon's label on September 25, 2007 The band followed the album's release with an opening slot on The Spill Canvas' fall 2007 tour

Between March 12, 2007 and September 30, 2007, the band participated in Q101's Breaking the Band, in which they began to get local and national attention Their single, "Waking Up The Dead", has gained international attention from its odd and popular music video, featuring the band members getting mysteriously kidnapped and transported to a secret location by giant woodland creatures

In the spring of 2008, bassist Brandon Capetillo left the band and was replaced by Nick Fonzi on bass guitar who also ended up leaving the band April 2010 and replaced by longtime pal Alex Maier

The band toured with Yellowcard in the spring of 2008, and spent the summer and early fall touring with The Pink Spiders, The Frantic and Straylight Run Treaty of Paris performed on the Vans Warped Tour between June 20 and June 29, 2008 They toured with Jack's Mannequin and Fun band on a North American tour in Fall of 2008

In 2008, the band was released from its contract with Airport Tapes and Records after the company's dissolution

In 2009, the band has been writing and recording new songs, which have been said to be in the direction of their more pop-friendly material

In 2010, the band released at their 'homecoming"show in Chicago at the Metro, "Currents" in which when performing the show, Mike Chrovat dedicated the song Currents to his beautiful mother who had died the morning of the show but as told by Mike Chorvat, "She had to be here with us tonight" "She and my dad have always been very supportive"


  • Behind Our Calm Demeanors EP 2005
  • "Handclaps Revisited Acoustic EP 2006
  • Sweet Dreams, Sucker 2007
  • Currents EP 2010


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External links

  • Official Website
  • Treaty of Paris MySpace
  • Interview with Treaty of Paris at Swigged! - July 8, 2009

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