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Treason (disambiguation)

treason meaning, treason in the constitution
Treason is a crime that covers a variety of extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation

Treason may also refer to:

In film:

  • Treason 1933 film, an American Western directed by George B Seitz
  • Treason 1959 film, an Australian television film
  • Treason 1964 film, a Greek drama directed by Kostas Manoussakis

In literature:

  • Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, a 2003 book by Ann Coulter
  • A Planet Called Treason, reissued as Treason, a 1979 novel by Orson Scott Card

In music:

  • Treason band, an English rock band
  • Treason album, a 1977 album by Gryphon
  • "Treason", a song by Kutless from Sea of Faces
  • "Treason", a song by M Pokora from MP3

See also

  • High Treason disambiguation
  • All pages with a title containing Treason

treason disambiguation meaning, treason in the constitution, treason meaning, treason punishment

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Treason (disambiguation)

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Treason (disambiguation)
Treason (disambiguation)
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