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Treachery (law)

treachery law and order, treachery law of attraction
Treachery is an offence in several countries Both of the Australian and British offences were derived from or inspired by the related offence of treason The name treachery was chosen because it is a synonym for treason


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  • 3 United Kingdom
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Treachery is a statutory offence in Australia The offence is created by section 24AA of the Crimes Act 1914


See also: Treachery Act of 1934

United Kingdom

See also: Treachery Act 1940

The Treachery Act 1940 created the offense to prosecute and execute enemy spies Suspended in 1946, the statutory offence bearing that name in the United Kingdom was repealed in 1973


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treachery law abiding, treachery law and order, treachery law of attraction, treachery law of cosines

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Treachery (law)

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