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Travel Express

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Travel Express1 is a bus company based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England


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Travel Express was founded in 2000 by Kishan Singh Chumber,2 with the companies incorporation date being 25 September 20013

Initially, Travel Express ran services in Birmingham before switching operations to Wolverhampton4

The company came under fire in January 2015 following a public enquiry by Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones, with the investigation finding that buses were unsafe and dirty, basic safety principles were unmet and that the company employed no cleaner, whilst branding manager Kishan Chumber 'incompetent'5 Chumber responded, stating that the results of the public enquiry were a "gross vilification of the business" and that Travel Express were being unfairly targeted2

As of 20 August 2015, Travel Express had ceased operating services on the 11, 33 & 33 routes in Wolverhamptoncitation needed


As of January 2015 the fleet consists of 13 buses; however Travel Express have been forced to reduce this number to 8 from March 20155 Travel Express does not have a fleet livery, with buses retaining their previous liveries from companies Travel Express purchased them from

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