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Trans-Pecos striped whiptail

trans-pecos striped whiptail (cnemidophorus inornatus), trans-pecos striped whiptail
Aspidoscelis inornata heptagramma
Reeder, 2002

The Trans-Pecos striped whiptail Cnemidophorus inornatus heptagrammus is a subspecies of the little striped whiptail Cnemidophorus inornatus lizard It is found in the semiarid, sandy habitats of the Chihuahuan Desert, in the United States from West Texas across southern New Mexico to Arizona, as well as northern Mexico It is sometimes referred to as the Arizona striped whiptail or seven-striped whiptail


The Trans-Pecos spotted whiptail is gray or black in color, with six to eight yellow or white stripes which run along the body from head to tail Unlike other species of whiptail lizards, they have no spotting between their stripes Their undersides are white or pale blue in color, and often they have light blue on the sides of their heads and tails They are thin-bodied, and have a tail that is typically almost three times the length of their bodies


Like most species of whiptail lizard, Trans-Pecos spotted whiptails are diurnal and insectivorous


  • Herps of Texas: Cnemidophorus inornatus heptagrammus
  • New Mexico Game & Fish Species Account: Cnemidophorus inornatus heptagrammus

trans-pecos striped whiptail, trans-pecos striped whiptail (cnemidophorus inornatus)

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Trans-Pecos striped whiptail

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Trans-Pecos striped whiptail
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